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decorated Christmas Cookies

Easy Christmas Cookies to Decorate

We love easy Christmas cookies to decorate! These can be made with store bought dough and added flour to make quick cut out cookies. We love to make homemade cookies too but sometimes a quick and helpful hack is what we need. We typically always have flour and sprinkles on …

Easy ice cream sandwich with pumpkin

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

I am so excited to share this super easy recipe for delicious pumpkin ice cream sandwiches! These are so simple and fun to make with the fam. We tried these out on my kiddo’s birthday for a fun fall treat. The sandwiches would also be a perfect after a big …


Pumpkin Power Balls

These Pumpkin Power Balls are tasty treats, perfect for after school snacks or a tasty bite with your morning coffee! We love our peanut butter power balls which are very similar, these just have a fun fall twist. I love the added crunch with the pepitas and the gentle notes …

strawberry blueberry cookies

Star Spangled Cookies

These are my absolute favorite kind of sugar cookies! I made these on the blog back in 2014 with Kyla and decided to recreate them with James. You can see images from both below. These Star Spangled Cookies are perfect for any holiday and are especially great for Memorial Day …

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