BriGeeski Paint Parties

March Painting

I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting BriGeeski Paint Parties! I previously hosted Paint Nights at JuneShine and at a few wellness workshops. I am so excited to revamp the awesomeness of these paint events into BriGeeski Paint Parties! These will be hosted in person or on zoom. BriGeeski Paint Parties (based in San Diego, CA) are a fun way to bring people together and ignite your creativity! 


BriGeeski Paint Parties

During our events, you will:

  • Mix and mingle 
  • Paint your very own painting on a canvas 
  • Express & ignite your creativity 

We have three options available for the paint parties. We love working with private parties, businesses, families, friends and community groups. 

    We provide a detailed list for you to gather or purchase your own supplies for the virtual event held on zoom
    Each Additional Guest is $25
  • LET’S DO THIS PAINT PARTY // INCLUDES SUPPLIES (Local Pick Up or 1 Drop Off) $400.00 (Minimum 10 Guests)
    Supplies Include Canvas, Paint, Paint Brushes, Paper Plates, Paper Towels
    Private Event with Supplies In Person or Virtual
    Each Additional Guest is $40 
    Supplies Include Canvas, Paint, Paint Brushes, Paper Plates, Paper Towels // *Minimum 2 Weeks Lead Time 
    Each Additional Guest is $50 

If you would like to do a Paint Party, email me today! Download Paint Party Options PDF >

Paint Beautiful Beach Scenes

BriGeeski Paint Party Supplies

If you want to do a BYOS Paint Party, you will need to provide the following supplies. 

Bring Your Own Supplies: 

  • Paint: Minimum: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red
  • Paint Brushes: 1 Wide Brush, 1 Pointed thin Brush or a set
  • 9×12, 11×14 or 12×16 canvas
  • Paper Plate, Paper Towels, Cup of Water

Fun tip! Most canvas come in packs of 5-6 at this size. When you purchase your own supplies, you are able to attend more Paint Parties!

If you would like to do a Paint Party, email me today!

Paint a Sea Turtle

Paint Supplies for Zoom Paint Party

March Painting

“Oh, such a blast! I had so much fun! You were so fabulous!! Thank you for such a fun time!” – Kendall M. 

BriGeeski Zoom Paint Party

Our private paint nights can be fully customized with paintings of your choosing. Our last event included this abstract line drawing I created from client research. She wanted something simple, beautiful and elegant. Her marketing team all joined in on zoom from different states and was able to enjoy a fun evening together. I can’t wait to see you at the next BriGeeski Paint Party! See you then! xo, Bri 

Paint Nights in San Diego

Bri will be your artistic instructor for the evening. Bri is a creative entrepreneur who shines most when cooking with her kids, painting with lots of shades of aqua, exploring San Diego with her family, traveling and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. Bri has been a painter and designer since she was a child and loves to teach people how to ignite their creativity!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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