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Cooking With Kids is a cookbook for parents and kids to get kids excited about cooking! This cookbook features fun, easy, approachable recipes to help teach kids how to cook. This book will help parents give kids the basic tools and insight to help them grow in the kitchen. The kids will love the visuals, photographs and step by step guides making cooking a breeze. They will love learning with their parents and have fun using new tools of the kitchen. Families will love the ease, structure and helpful tips for having fun as a family while cooking. We’re excited to see families gather together and enjoy their creations! 

Cooking With Kids is Now Available!
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Cooking With Kids, Brianne Grajkowski

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Cooking with Kids guides families through simple steps with clear instructions and helpful photos. Tips are included to make the cookingand cleanup process a breeze!– “Chelsea Day, Someday I’ll Learn

Cooking With Kids is a MUST-have book! It is perfect for anyone withkids and is extremely educational and a great way to spend quality time with your children.– “Cindy Matalucci, Executive Producer and Host of The Pulse TV, The Cindy Chronicles, and Wine Wednesdays!”

Families will have a blast making these delicious and creative dishes while building confidence in the kitchen! This cookbook should be a main ingredient in every family’s kitchen!– “Cathy Alter, author and Washington Post On Parenting columnist”

I love Brianne’s approach that not only is cooking a great bonding time with kids, but a way to sneak in some valuable life skills like reading and math while developing confidence and know-how. In Cooking with Kids she’s curated a diverse collection of kid-friendly recipes the little ones will want to make and the adults will want to eat. Having them all in one place turns the book into a fun goal to accomplish together!– “Tara Cox, Executive Editor, Rachael Ray In Season magazine

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Spend Quality Time Cooking Together!

The benefits of involving kids in the kitchen are endless! Cooking with Kids is a must-have cookbook for parents to get their children involved in the kitchen with 101 carefully chosen and easy-to-follow recipes for simple dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks. Using commonly used ingredients and kitchen tools, each kid-friendly recipe includes step-by-step instructions, engaging photography, and cooking tips to encourage them to grow in the kitchen and create delicious food for every meal of the day!

Each recipe also includes icons to indicate whether it’s considered easy, medium, or hard, so you can start with the simplest recipes that have the fewest ingredients and steps first before progressing on to the more involved treats.Not only is cooking a super fun activity to do together as a family, but it also teaches children important skills, encourages their creativity, boosts their confidence and independence, and allows them to practice reading, math, and more. Teach them how to cook, make (and eat!) something amazing as a family, and have a blast in the process with this fun, easy, and exciting cookbook!

What You’ll Make: Wild Blueberry Smoothie Green Apple Soda Best Ever Banana Bread Sausage & Egg English Muffins Salami Grilled Cheese Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza Friday Night Popcorn Kale Chips Chicken Quesadillas Easy Stovetop Mac & Cheese Brown-Butter Cookies Pumpkin Cider Popsicles And so much more!

Cooking With Kids Cookbook Coming Soon

Have fun cooking with your family!

The ultimate kids’ cookbook for parents to get their children involved in the kitchen, this must-have book features 100 fun, approachable, and easy recipes that will teach kids how to cook simple dishes and drinks for every meal of the day. From smoothies and savory Hawaiian waffles to a salami grilled cheese, chicken quesadillas, pumpkin cheesecake bites, sweet potato fries, and so much more, each kid-friendly recipe includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, helpful visuals, and engaging photography that will help them grow in the kitchen as they learn to use different kitchen utensils and tools. Have a blast as you supervise and bond with your child while they grow their basic cooking skills and make delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond with Cooking with Kids!

Cooking With Kids is Out!
You can order a copy today on Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Target

fun holiday drink for kids

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