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Mango Fresca

A Delicious Mango Fresca Spritzer

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I’ve got the most delicious Mango Fresca Spritzer to help you celebrate the day! I’m so excited to bring you this new and awesome mocktail that can also, easily be made into a cocktail. First of all, I found new agua Fresca powdered …

Wild Blueberry and pineapple smoothies

Wild Blueberry & Pineapple Smoothies

These Wild Blueberry and pineapple smoothies are so tasty and easy to make. This is a quick recipe that adults and kids can enjoy. I love using wild blueberries because they are already frozen and have an amazing flavor. They are super rich and dense. The pineapple sets it off …

smoothie with chia

Easy Smoothie Bowls

Kyla has always been a fan of smoothies and now her favorite thing to make is easy smoothie bowls! She makes a smoothie bowl almost everyday after school. She basically throws in any frozen fruit we have with a little water and blends several times until it all comes together. …

We love Summer Limeonade

Summertime Limeonade Recipe

If you love a refreshing glass of lemonade, you’re going to really enjoy a glass of our summertime Limeonade! It can, of course be made any time of year but it’s always extra fun in the summer. We made this recipe years ago, when Kyla was a toddler, so you’ll …

tropical smoothie recipe

Enjoy a Tropical Smoothie

Ever since our Maui trip, I’ve been loving anything with mango and coconut. Enjoy a tropical Smoothie recipe today to feel those island vibes! This recipe is so easy, incredibly tasty and quick to create. With just 5 ingredients and filled with fruit, you’re going to love it!    Tropical …

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