Painting a Ceiling Fan With Wave Designs

Paint a Ceiling Fan with Wave Designs

Ever since we painted the bathroom, we’ve been finding more and more things to paint around the house. Mark repainted all of the baseboards, doors and window trim in the house. Then, I noticed the ceiling fan in our bedroom was the only thing left in that room that did not really match. I decided to give it a little facelift with new paint and designs. Now, I can show you how Painting a Ceiling Fan With Wave Designs can really tie a room together. 

Paint a Ceiling Fan with Wave Designs

Our bedroom used to have more cherrywood, like the fan below and we’ve been painting things to be a little more modern. First, I added a new black desk and did a little update to my office space. Then I painted our bed light and dark grey. I added beach and desert style photos to my photo frame. I made a few palm tree and beach wave paintings to bring a little color into the room. Last thing to change was our ceiling fan. It was feeling a bit dated with all the other changes, so I was going to paint it solid dark grey. Once I had the fan blades down, I thought it would be fun to add some design elements. 

Paint a cherrywood fan

Painting a Ceiling Fan With Wave Designs

First, take down the ceiling fan blades. Depending on your fan, you should be able to do this with a screw driver. Then paint all the blades a solid color. I chose the dark grey to match our new room colors. Once the paint dries, you can add on wave designs. I used a Craft Smart paint pen to draw the designs. I used my table below to measure out the same height to start my designs so they would all be uniform. Then all the designs are hand drawn and look different on each fan blade. You can do this with any color and any design. I chose to do black on grey so it would be a subtle look. I’m going for a modern and welcoming beach vibe in our bedroom. 

Ceiling Fan Custom Painting Design

Once the fan blades dry, you can reassemble the fan. I’m really enjoying these little household painting projects. I love when these small changes make such a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Plus, it’s super fun to transform things with a little paint and creativity!

Painting a Ceiling Fan  How to paint a ceiling fan 

What household projects are you working on?! I’d love to hear about your latest projects. xo, Bri 

Painting A Ceiling Fan With Wave Designs


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