Follow Your Heart + New Office Vibes

Do you know what makes working so much better? A nice clean work space! I worked at my kitchen counter for far too long before realizing I needed my own desk space. I knew it wasn’t ideal but it did work at the time. Last year, my hubby got me a desk and we made room for it in our bedroom. I know this is also not ideal but it works for me at this stage of the game. My desk space was pretty boring for a while there until I started working with Lamps Plus to give it a fresh new upgrade! Now it feels like MY space and creates a vibe that I enjoy.


I’ve been saving a bunch of ideas for my small office space on Pinterest. I wanted something very clean and modern with gold, silver and black accents. I went on the Lamps Plus website to find everything I needed to spruce up my office space. I searched through their office chairs, home accessories and their table lamps. I was so surprised at how many awesome things they had to offer aside from lamps!


I also wanted to create a fun backdrop for behind my desk. Mark has a plotter and we occasionally make vinyl stickers with it. We made the stripped silver background with it. I found some fun gold stickers in the craft section at Target and a few other items to go with everything. We also made the red heart sticker.


I had to add “Follow Your Heart” because that is the phrase that keeps me going. It is what I am working towards everyday. I truly believe everyone would be so much happier if they would listen to their hearts instead of their heads. Our heads are often filled with fears from our ego and we need to pay more attention to our soul and what makes us happy.


I’m also totally in love with this sweet lamp. I like how it is open and feels very industrial.


I picked out a new chair too. It is super comfortable. The one I was using before would give me back aches all the time. Now I have a chair that supports my back and looks cool.


Here is a full view of my desk space. It is clean and functional which is what is most important for me to work.



I’m loving the gold wire ball. It really helps bring everything together and reminds me of my logo.


I really love how it all turned out! I feel so much better about sitting down at a desk when the vibe feels good. How is your office space these days?


This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Loving the new look! I didn’t know Lamps Plus sold more than lamps! Thanks for sharing.

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