Beach Style Bathroom Refresh

Bathroom Artwork

Our front bathroom has needed some work for a while now and we decided to tackle it this week. We went with a beach style bathroom refresh! It has been a (Gumby) teal color since we first moved in, over 12 years ago. This was not a well planned project but I’m loving how it turned out for a quick refresh. We really needed a new color and a fresh coat of paint. The teal was starting to chip in many areas. I love that it is now a nice cool blue and my beach paintings fit right in. Read on to see how we refreshed this bathroom in two afternoons. 

Bathroom Artwork

The Teal Bathroom Before

I originally painted our front bathroom teal. I wanted something vibrant and fun. I loved it for a while then it became a little too bright for what I was looking for. It served us very well for when the kiddos were little. Since this is mostly their bathroom, I want to keep it youthful and fun with a modern beach vibe to align with the rest of the house. 

Teal Bathroom Before

How to Paint a Bathroom

There are many ways to go about painting a bathroom. First, pick up paint, a paint tray kit and painters tape. We used Brittany Blue from Behr. Then wipe down all the walls. Then use painters tape to tape off all the baseboards, doorframes and shower. This will give a straight line to roll the paint against. We also removed our storage cabinets to paint the wall behind. The kids wanted to help so I showed them how to use the paintbrush and the roller. They had a lot of fun with this. Prior to rolling the walls, take a paintbrush to cut in at the top of the wall closest to the ceiling. Once there is a good border of paint around all the painters tape, you can roll the walls. 

Painting a Bathroom

While the paint was drying, Mark gave our cabinets a refresh with white paint. He also painted the baseboards and doorjamb with a fresh coat of white. 

Blue Bathroom

Once everything was hung back up, we put all of our things back into the cabinets. I found some old paintings I had done and added these to create the beach style theme. 

Painted Leaves

We decided to try using hooks for the towels instead of towel racks. I like the look of the towels hanging down. Mark found an old surfboard souvenir from Maui that was in the garage and added a hook to it. I love how it turned out! 

Beach Bathroom

Beach Themed Bathroom

I hope you enjoy this fun beach style bathroom refresh idea! Enjoy, xo, Bri

Beach Style Bathroom Refresh


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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