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Soaps and Candles from Blissful Seeds

I first met Rita at her beautiful home in Poway when she hosted our Elite Networking Group. I quickly learned that she is creating dream jobs for autistic adults at Blissful Seeds, a non-profit organization. Hearing Rita’s heartfelt story of learning her son is autistic was so impactful. She decided to create a better future for her son and others like him. She believes we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest, and those who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder are no different. I couldn’t agree more. Blissful Seeds is a place where young adults with autism can have meaningful jobs and a sense of community with like-minded people. The artisans at Blissful Seeds create the most beautiful soaps, candles, bath bombs, jewelry dishes and so much more. 

Products at Blissful Seeds

All products at Blissful Seeds are specifically formulated to satisfy their artisans and contractors’ talents and strengths. As they continue to employ more adults with developmental disabilities, the list of products grows and reflects their amazing abilities. They use natural and organic ingredients in their candles, soaps and bath bombs. They have so many varieties of soaps which all smell so good. 

How Can You Help Blissful Seeds? 

Blissful Seeds products can be found on their website and at local San Diego farmer’s markets. They are currently looking for a place to have a store front. If you know of a place that has high traffic and works with non-profit organizations, please reach out to Rita. They also accept donations online. 

Soaps and Candles  

Rita, Founder of Blissful SeedsDreams at Blissful Seeds

Rita Saliba is the founder of Blissful Seeds, seen here with her son. Her story with Autism started with heartache, pain, triumph and setbacks which has led to milestones, hope and gratitude. Read more about Rita’s story here. Her dream is that young adults with autism are able to get jobs so that they can actively participate in their community and she has made that dream a reality with Blissful Seeds. I hope you are able to help out in some way and continue  this dream for generations to come.

The best scented Soaps in San Diego  


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