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It’s a great time of the year to get organized! I always seem to lose my organization habits in the midst of the crazy holiday season. I always feel so much more refreshed and ready to tackle the day when my home is cleaned and organized. Pearls Olives To Go helped me out as I started organizing my pantry, regularly a few years back. My pantry was a mess full of snacks pouring out of their bags and it was just difficult to even see what we had available. After doing a little reorganizing, I have my pantry stocked and ready for easy snack finding!

pantry organization

First things first, have you heard of Pearls Olives To Go? They are pretty awesome. They have 4 varieties of olives ready to take on the go in easy-to-open cups. My favorite flavors are the Pimiento Stuffed and the Pitted Kalamata. They also have Black Pitted and Sliced Black olives. I love that the company turned olives into an easy grab and go snack. The olives are all gluten-free as well as drain-free, meaning you don’t have extra liquid to empty out – a big plus for snacks on-the-go. I would have never thought to take olives with me on the go but now I have a new and tasty snack for when I am out and about.

Pearls Olives To Go Flavors

Pantry Organization

I started my pantry organization by getting rid of any old snacks in my cabinet. I also got rid of anything our family just wasn’t eating. There is no point in keeping things around that you don’t use. I picked up our favorite pantry snacks: raisins, pretzels, cashews, applesauce, crackers and olives. I also picked up 2 pantry organizers. I found 2 bamboo trays that would hold a good amount of snacks. I had snack bags at home so I didn’t need to grab those but they are a must for easy grab and go snacks. These storage bag organizers are also awesome!

Pearls Olives To Go

After I got all my snacks home, I made mini snack bags of each type of snack that didn’t have its own easy to go container. I bagged up the nuts, pretzels and crackers. The raisins and olives were already in easy to go containers.

Pearls Olives To Go Snack Bags

Then I started arranging all the snacks by size. I put the larger items in the back and worked my way to the smaller items in the front. I also staggered some of the snacks so they were easier to see.

Pearls Olives To Go Pearls Olives To Go

Once I had all of my snack items in the container, I put them in my pantry. It is so nice to slide out my pantry and just see ready to grab snacks! This is so helpful for our family who is constantly on the go! We now have healthy ready-to-grab snacks organized and easy to see.

pantry organized

I hope this helps your pantry stay organized this year! xo, Bri 

This post was originally in partnership with Pearls Olives. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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