Meet Lucy, Our New Yellow Labrador Retriever

Lucy and her Llama

We’re so excited to have you meet Lucy, our new yellow Labrador Retriever! She is so sweet and cute. We are so happy to have her here. We lost our sweet Ellie girl over the summer and have missed her so much. We’ve really missed having our Ellie girl around and decided it was time for a puppy. Grieving a dog that you’ve been with for 13 years is so tough. We are blessed to have found our new Lucy girl and can’t wait to get to know her more. I wanted to share a few photos of her here so you can meet her too! 

Meet Lucy, Our sweet new lab

We saved a bunch of Ellie’s toys for her, which she’s loved. We also thought she needed a new toy of her own and she is loving this sweet llama. It is soft but also really durable which is great for puppies. 

Yellow Labrador Retriever

She is 8 weeks old and we just got her a couple days ago. She is sleeping in our room and has to go out a few times at night, so it feels a little like there is a baby in the house again. She’s really good with the kids and was sad when they left for school this morning. 


The kids said they are excited to come home to a dog again. 
 cute puppy

Kyla picked out her cute pink collar at Kahoots and it seems so fitting for little Lucy. 

Lucy and her Llama

I can’t wait for our new adventures with Lucy! You’ll be seeing more of her around here too. xo, Bri 

I love Lucy 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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