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Regents Pizzeria UTC

Regents Pizzeria

San Diego typically serves up New York style pizza (thin crust). I actually never even had Chicago style pizza (deep dish) till a few years ago. I completely love Chicago style pizza and I wish it was available in more areas of the city. The cool thing is that Regents Pizzeria in UTC serves up both […]

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Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Have you ever made pizza dough at home? It is way easier than I ever thought. I started making pizza dough at home a couple years ago after our kiddo was born. I love making a fresh pizza any night of the week. It takes hardly any time to prepare and tastes so much better […]

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Isola Pizza Bar - San Diego Italian Food

Isola Pizza Bar

Angela from SD Mom’s Night Out and I recently headed to Isola Pizza Bar for an appetizer tasting. We wanted to sample some of the items that will be served at our next Mom’s Night Out event. I may have not said this before but I am now a part of the SD Mom’s Night […]

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