Easy Fourth of July Party 

This post is sponsored by Hebrew National.

I love a good BBQ especially on the Fourth of July. This year I’m keeping it simple and delicious with an easy menu, a fun party playlist and a sparkling drink everyone will love. I’m busting out the Hebrew National All-Beef  Franks and cooking up some quick potato fries, a festive fruit salad and a refreshing lime + mint soda.

The Menu

Grilled Hebrew National All-Beef Franks – You have to grill these for the best flavor and optimum flare. Your guests will love you for picking up the tasty dogs.
Potato Fries – Grab a bag of red potatoes from the freezer isle so they are already chopped. Then you can toss them in the oven (or toaster oven) and you have yourself a tasty and quick side dish
Festive Fruit Salad – Slice strawberries and combine with blueberries then top with a few pieces of jicama cut with a star cookie cutter. Your guests will think it took you forever but it’s so quick and fun!
Lime + Mint Soda – I am a huge fan of soda water so I like to mix it up. Pour lime flavored soda water over ice, squeeze mint into the glass and drop in a few slices of strawberry and blueberry.

The Music

Budapest, George Ezra
Fun, Pitbull
Bright, Echosmith
The Night is Still Young, Nicki Minaj
Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

I picked up a few mini flags from Target for just a couple dollars to throw on the table for a little added fun. These really bring the feel of the Fourth to the party.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July! Enjoy your weekend and Happy BBQ’ing!

The combination of franks and these toppings may not be Kosher.

Hebrew NationalWhat makes a Hebrew National Kosher hot dog premium? It’s all about what makes the cut (And what doesn’t). We’re choosy about what goes into our franks, we use only premium cuts of 100% kosher beef from the front half of the cow and then choose the best from that. No artificial flovors, colors, fillers or by-products. When your hot dog is Kosher, that’s a hot dog you can trust! For more summer fun with Hebrew National, visit facebook.com/hebrewnational

This is a sponsored post with Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs. All opinions are my own.


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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