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The best watermelon spritzer

Watermelon & Lime Spritzers

Spritzers are my absolute favorite cocktail right now. I love the little spritzers in the can and of course, made at home spritzers, like this Watermelon & Lime Spritzer. It is super light, refreshing and perfect for summer parties. Best thing is it’s only 4 ingredients so it comes together really quick! I used to […]

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spinach blueberry pineapple smoothie

Wild Blueberry & Pineapple Smoothies

These Wild Blueberry and pineapple smoothies are so tasty and easy to make. This is a quick recipe that adults and kids can enjoy. I love using wild blueberries because they are already frozen and have an amazing flavor. They are super rich and dense. The pineapple sets it off with a little twist and […]

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Simple Irish Coffee Martini Recipe

Irish Coffee Martini

St. Patty’s Day is this weekend and I’m celebrating with these tasty Irish Coffee Martini’s! These are insanely easy to make with just 2 ingredients. I thought I would get all fancy and make an Irish Cheesecake Dessert, then my whipping cream didn’t come together and I opted out for this cocktail instead. Turns out […]

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Try this! Dragon Fruit Champagne

Dragon Fruit Champagne Cocktails

I love trying new concoctions in the kitchen. I’ve decided to start making a few new food and drink recipes to share with all of you here. Why not start with a champagne cocktail? Pitaya Plus sent us some samples of their dragon fruit smoothie packs and I thought these would be a fun flavor […]

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This Girl's Mint Julep

This Girl’s Mint Julep + A Giveaway!

Have you heard of This Girl Walks into A Bar? Jordan and Jocelyn are sisters who collaborated to create a blog, books, barware and more. They are currently launching their newest book: Cocktails for Cougars and Cowgirls, Simple & Delicious Recipes for Every Woman. I really love their style and the simplicity of their recipes. […]

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Bon Affair Summer Strawberry Spritzer

Summer Strawberry Spritzer

Who else has been enjoying as many days at the beach and pool as possible? I’ve been taking full advantage of summer fun this year. We have been to the bay, the beach, the pool and even camping a few times. With all of our summer fun must come a fun summer beverage. My favorite […]

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Protein Packed Mango Dreamsicle

Protein Packed Mango Dreamsicle

The cravings for anything sweet are enormous these days. I cannot get enough juice, cookies, donuts and ice cream. This does not help my goals of not gaining nearly as much weight as I did during my last pregnancy. (Too much to note). So I have been coming up with different ways of fulfilling my […]

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