2021 Dream Board & Creative Flow

Palm Tree Painting

I’ve been creating dream boards for years. This year, I’m sharing my 2021 Dream Board & Creative Flow process. 2020 was such an odd year with so many changes and it feels like everyone has gone through a lot. My regular creative process was almost nonexistent for a while there. It’s been coming back bit by bit in different ways. I focused a lot on self care to stay positive in such strange times. As we dive right in to 2021, I’ve been focused on daily habits and goals for the year. I generally have more of a go with the flow attitude with goals, but I felt a lack in consistency over time with everyday habits. I’ve got all the things I’ve been doing more consistently down below and what steps I took to get here. I have more hope than ever for a year of creative flow and fun happenings! 

Dream Board 2021

Creating a 2021 Dream Board

I’m a firm believer in making dreams come true. I aim to inspire people to feel their best and pursue their dreams so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest. I do this by doing what feels best for my body, pursuing my passions and exploring the world. After listening to the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, I decided to work on everyday habits that will create long lasting results. The daily habits I’m working on are movement, meditation, veggies and water. Check out this post for a step by step on creating a dream board.

Creative Flow // Palm Tree Painting

Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsCreative Flow

I started out writing my goals in my Silk + Sonder planner. I did this during our drive out to the desert for New Years. It is an awesome planner because it has space for yearly reflection, month overviews and lots of space to track progress. I held off on creating a dream board until this week since I had all of my ideas on paper. Creating the dream board is a creative process that sparked more creativity and I’m so glad I ended up making one.

I’ve come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs several times this month and I’m finding it very fitting after such a strange year. We’ve all been so focused on basic needs. It’s been really hard to work on psychological needs with stay at home orders and restrictions. Achieving self-fulfillment felt even more difficult. As we all find our bearings this year, I pray and hope we all find more moments for creative activities and living life to the fullest. If you haven’t created a dream board this year, I encourage you all to make one. It may help spark some of your creativity too! Within one week of making this new dream board, I painted my first painting of 2021. The last painting I did was in May of 2020. The palm trees may look a little like something from Dr. Seuss but I’m loving the colors and the overall feel of this new painting. I’m excited to start painting again and work on other creative projects. 

Mural at Flower Hill Mall

Art at Flower Hill Mall

A few days after I worked on this painting, I felt like I really needed to get out of the house. I decided to head to Flower Hill to see if my mural was still up and there it is! It was so exciting to see it was still up along with all the other beautiful paintings from this event we had in October 2019. I grabbed a snack plate from Venissimo Cheese and enjoyed a stroll around the mall checking out all of the artwork. 

Artwalk at Flower Hill Mall

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes view into my creative flow. Wishing you all peace and big dreams in 2021! xo, Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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