The Ultimate Puesto Party

The Pickled Pear Carnitas Taco with Jalapeño Crema at Puesto

One of the prizes for winning the #NextTopTaco contest was The Ultimate Puesto Party – dinner, appetizers, desserts and drinks for 15! You guys, this party was SO much FUN! The Pickled Pear Carnitas Taco with Jalapeño Crema is on the Puesto menu for the month of June and I got to bring a whole group of friends and family to enjoy it with me. It was fabulous! Not only that, but thanks to Aall In Limo & Party Bus we arrived in style for the Ultimate Puesto Party!

All In One Limo Party Bus!

The Aall In Limo & Party Bus picked up my family in Poway then headed to our house in Mira Mesa so we could all ride together to Puesto in La Jolla. We have never been on a limo or any type of party bus together. It was seriously the best way to travel for this size of a group and SO FUN! The party bus is stocked with ice and cups. The music is loud and the seats were super comfortable. The kiddos loved riding in style too!

The Pickled Pear Carnitas Taco with Jalapeño Crema at Puesto

When we arrived at Puesto we were seated right away and were served appetizers to get us going. They brought out the margarita of the month which was a creamy avocado margarita. It was tasty but I preferred the more classic What We’re Having Margarita.

We all gathered around and enjoyed our appetizers and drinks while deciding which tacos to order. Of course everyone had to try the taco of the month!

I ordered the taco of the month, a veggie taco covered in melted cheese and the spicy ahi taco. The ahi was a bit spicy for me. I LOVE their veggie tacos. I know there is a different name for it but I can’t seem to find it. They often have a soy chorizo taco that I also love!

There seemed to be a general consensus that everyone at the table loved the Pickled Pear Carnitas Taco the best. They aren’t biased or anything. My dad also made sure to ask every server, bartender or person walking by if they knew who created the taco of the month. #ProudDadMoment

Dinner with the Family

The whole family was super supportive and I feel so grateful to have them all in my life. It was so nice to share this special evening with them. My tribe. My family. My peeps.

Great Friends Enjoying an Evening Out in San Diego

The Best Family Meal at Puesto

The best San Diego Party Bus

Taking a ride on the All In One Party Bus with the Family

What an absolute blast! A very big thank you to Puesto and San Diego Magazine for hosting such a fun contest! You can view more photos from the Taco Showdown here. I loved meeting Chef Katy and working in the kitchen with her to finalize this taco. I also loved meeting the Puesto team and having my recipe judged by food critic, Troy Johnson! It was so exciting to be a part of this whole event!

So, what’s next?! Well, a cook book and a food show, of course! Thanks for following along on all these adventures! Xo – Bri

My Tribe  

This post is not Sponsored by Puesto. I entered a contest and had SO MUCH FUN participating. We did receive transportation by Aal In Limo & Party Bus. I highly recommend both businesses because they are awesome. Obv.






I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Terri Ehret

    The best taco ever. You and a food show would be a definite watch. Thank you for letting us join all the fun!

    1. Thank you Terri! It would be so fun!

  2. Linda Grajkowski

    Like Terri said, the best taco ever! Thank you for taking the whole family along on your adventures

    1. Thank you Linda! Always more fun with everyone!

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