Puesto’s Next Top Taco Winner 2018

Remember when I made those Pickled Pear Carnitas Tacos for Puesto’s #NextTopTaco contest?! Well, it’s official! I was named Puesto’s Next Top Taco Winner of 2018! This was such an amazing honor. The other contestant tacos looked AHmazing and I could not have been more shocked and proud to win. This was something I really wanted to do. I was excited to even make it to the finals and then to win was just plain fabulous! If you’re in San Diego in June, you’ve got to stop by Puesto for a taste of the Pickled Pear Carnitas Tacos!

Earlier in the week I went to meet with Puesto’s head chef, Katy Smith to go over the recipe. This in itself was so exciting. I think of Chef’s and certain people in the food industry the way others think of celebrities. Chef Katy recreated my taco. What?! I felt like I was living in a different world. It was so fun!

We talked about the flavors and how each item was prepared. She seemed to really like my recipe even then.

The big Taco Showdown was on Sunday at the Puesto at the Headquarters location. Three of the four finalists were there with three judges. The judges were Chef Katy, Troy Johnson and Eric Adler. I was a judge for a cooking competition once before with Troy. It was surreal to be on this side of things. Both events were so exciting and I’m really enjoying getting back into the food world.

The judges tried each taco. They asked us a few questions as we mingled around chips, guac and salsa.

And then it was time to announce the winner… Bri! What the what?! It was an amazing feeling! I’ve received so many messages from friends and followers congratulating me on this accomplishment. And now… my taco will be on the Puesto menu for the month of June! Amazing!

I hope you do stop by Puesto in June for a taste! Enjoy! – Bri




I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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