A Delicious Singani 63 Cocktail at Camino

I recently attended an amazing drink and dinner pairing hosted by Singani 63 at the amazing Camino Riviera restaurant in San Diego. Singani 63 is a 500-year-old Bolivian spirit distilled from Muscat of Alexandria grapes high in the Andes. The flavor is similar to a tequila but with floral, fragrant hints. The cocktails that Camino created and paired with their dishes turned out to be so fantastic. My favorite cocktail of the evening was the “Tupacs Revenge” made of Singani 63, Cocchi Rosa, guava, lime and an Absinthe rinse.

I met some really nice people at the event that worked with Singani 63 as well as the attendees for the evening. There were bartenders from other restaurants, writers and other people in the industry there to check out the pairings as well. It was such an informative evening filled with a lot of fun. 

What is Singani 63?

Steven Soderbergh, American film director, producer and screenwriter filmed CHE in Bolivia when he found the spirit. He formed a partnership with Casa Real and  endured six years of work with the US Government, to launch Singani 63 in the States. The US Government classifies Bolivia’s National Spirit as a brandy. This can be confusing since it sips more like a stronger spirit. Singani is working towards a new category recognition

We sipped on 3 delicious cocktails all with different flavors as we learned the story behind the brand. The delicious food by Camino paired amazingly with each beverage. 

The drink served neat is also enjoyable all on its own. 

My favorite dishes from the evening were the Caesar salad “Twinkie” and the Brussels sprouts. The char roasted Mary’s chicken and the caramel budino were also fantastic.

If you’re interested in trying Singani 63, check out the where to buy section on their website to see which restaurants and bars are serving up this tasty drink near you. Enjoy! xo, Bri 

Photos by Singani63. Hosted dinner. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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