In-Store Design Consult With BoConcept

Remember our living room in-home design consult and measure with BoConcept San Diego? Well, a couple weeks ago Mark and I headed in-store for our final design consult. We had so much fun and have really enjoyed the process. BoConcept made it so easy to find the looks that we wanted for our living room.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

The above photo is a sneak peak of what we ended up choosing but I want to take you through how we got to these selections. Eeek! I am so excited!

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

When we first arrived at BoConcept, we headed straight to the couch that we had selected at our in-home design consult. Precious, our designer at BoConcept had all of our options ready for us to view. She showed us a look book with 2 main living room options. She called our overall look minimalistic chic. We immediately loved the first option (shown below). We really wanted a lounge style couch with a clean look and pops of design elements. We loved that she added in the two little poof chairs as additional spots to sit. They don’t take up too much room but give us more seating options when guests come over. I also really liked that the book came with swatch book options. She gave us fabric options for the couch and even a sample of the table finish.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

We picked option 1 because option 2 did not have a lounge or pops of color. Next it was time to choose a fabric for the couch. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. There were about 4 fabrics that looked like the color and style that we wanted but they all had varying degrees of durability. Mark and I went back and forth a few times trying to decide the perfect fabric for us. We ended up choosing the one in the middle shown below. It didn’t have the highest durability number but it did have a range of grey coloring that I thought would work well with a dog and kiddo at home. And well, it was the prettiest.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

Precious then showed us a couple color options for the poof chairs and rugs. We were very close to choosing the teal color with the teal and brown rug but then I remembered we were trying to get rid of some of the browns in our house. So then we decided we should go with the blue and grey rug and we even thought about keeping the poofs teal until…

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

She threw in the blue fabric and the gold pillow! I absolutely LOVE this gold pillow!

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

I think I loved it so much because I didn’t pick it. When Precious threw in the pillow I immediately knew these were the right options.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

We have really enjoyed working with Precious at BoConcept. She really knows her stuff and is super helpful.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

After we selected the fabrics we took a look at our selections on the computer.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

The 3D renderings really put the whole look into perspective. It was so cool to see everything in person and then see it in a space that we knew was the dimensions of our living room.

BoConcept San Diego, Danish Inspired Urban Design

Our new furniture is expected to arrive in the beginning of June and I cannot wait to see it live in our living room! Also, BoConcept will be having an event and special offer for Memorial Day Weekend. Check it out:

Memorial Day Weekend Kick Off Event at BoConcept San Diego

BoConcept has an awesome showroom and is perfect for events. We will having the next SD Mom’s Night Out event there as well. Save the date for July 10th, mommas! And keep your eye out for our in-home living room setup coming soon!

I am working with BoConcept on our living room redesign. All opinions are my own. 

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4 Responses to In-Store Design Consult With BoConcept

  1. Love, love, love the color combo and pieces. It helps to have someone give you options and ideas, doesn’t it? Left to my own devices, I’d have my living room look like a dorm. It’s a problem.

    Good stuff, Bri!

    • Thank you Deb! It really does help to have another eye. I’d love to see what your living room dorm would look like!

  2. Alli at #

    Can’t wait to see the end results… It looks fabulous!


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