Simple Gift Idea Teachers Will Love

Simple Teacher Gift Idea

I have really been enjoying this holiday season. The kiddos are at that age where everything is so exciting and I love it. Last year I felt more overwhelmed than excited so I totally know how it feels to not want to do anything else this time of year. There is a LOT going on, especially now that the kiddos are in school. But this year I’ve started to embrace the craziness and try not to overwhelm myself with too much to do. I wanted to get the teachers a nice gift and found Target to the rescue again! This simple gift idea is something teachers will love, it’s easy to make and adds a little fun to the season.

Simple Teacher Gift Idea

A Gift From Santa

The little sir recently declared that he would now like to be called Santa. Santa Claus to be exact. He was originally a little scared to go visit Santa this year but once he got his photo taken with him AND received a candy cane, it was like Santa was his new best friend. We came home later that day and he asked to be called Santa. He even has a chair on the patio with a bag that he “gives” candy canes from. The cutest. When I saw these little Santa boxes at Target, I thought they would be a perfect little gift idea coming from our very own, Santa.

Starbucks card gift for teachers

I knew I wanted to get the teachers a Starbucks card but thought it would be fun to add a little candy and package it up in a cute way so it feels more like a gift to open.

Candy Gift Idea
Starbucks Gift Card Idea Candy in the box

A Simple Gift Idea Teachers Love

After adding a few candies to the box, I totally thought those gift cards would fit right inside. Nope. Have no fear, ribbon to the rescue! I ended up tying the gift card to the box then closing up the top. The cute little Santa gifts are ready to go for all our preschool teachers. I can’t wait for our little Santa to give out his gifts.

Jingle Bells and candy canes

Santa Teacher Gift Box

Are you making any holiday gifts this year? What do you have up your sleeve? Happy Holidays! xo – Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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