DIY Mini Wine Advent Calendar

So two years ago, I saw a few Wine Advent Calendars pop up online and I thought to myself that I wanted to get one. I never did. Then last year, Aldi released a small amount of their wine advent calendars to their stores for $70 each. Each one sold out right away, within minutes. I figured it was time to make my own. Check out this DIY Mini Wine Advent Calendar that you can make at home for under $40.

I typically make the kiddos some sort of advent calendar each year and will again this year, but I’ve never made one for myself. I figured it was time I give it a shot. I could have gotten really fancy with all sorts of different wines and goodies but I wanted to start off with something simple that you could all replicate easily. And next year, we can add in different goodies now that the package is created. Find out how to make your own mini wine advent calendar below!

I first purchased 6 boxes of 4 mini wines. Sutter Home was on sale for $5 per box. I figured it would be easiest to use all the same brand so the boxes could fit together well. I picked up silver wrapping paper, silver mini ornaments, red and silver garland and some tape.

Since I used all the same boxes, the assembly was pretty easy. If you buy different boxes than you may have to do some extra cutting. I bought two of the same variety and the rest I mixed up so that there would be a good assortment of wines.

How to Make A Mini Wine Advent Calendar

  1. Purchase or gather supplies: 6 boxes of 4 mini wine bottles, 1 wrapping paper, printable numbers and tape. Additional items: garland or beads, mini ornaments, chocolate kisses, one large ornament for the front, tissue paper. For added structure: cardboard sheet or box.
  2. Remove wine bottles for assembly
  3. Tape mini wine boxes together: Place 3 wine boxes in two rows. Add one piece of tape to each edge to connect to the box next to it.
  4. Cut cardboard box: I used an amazon box to cut out the same size as the bottom of the mini wine boxes then taped it to the bottom of the wine boxes.
  5. Wrap the boxes with wrapping paper: cut out paper to go just about an inch over each side. Cut wrapping paper down to the top of the box on each slit of the wine box so that each tab of wrapping paper will be taped down to the inside of the box. The sides of the box can be wrapped like a present, then taped down to the inside.
  6. Add wine bottles to the wrapped box in alternating varieties.
  7. Print out printable numbers: Cut numbers based on cutting lines. Tape to each bottle top.
  8. Add additional items to decorate: garland, mini ornaments, chocolate kisses and an ornament for the front.

This was super fun to make. I could not stop thinking about a wine advent calendar after reading about how they sold out so fast. I looked on Pinterest for other ideas and I really didn’t see much. I hope you find this easy to make, fun to enjoy and a great conversation starter for all your holiday gatherings!

If you’re looking to mix it up even more, you could add different types of chocolates, treats or paper notes inside each section. I may add something like this later!

I hope this DIY Mini Wine Advent Calendar is easy for you to create. This could also make for a super fun holiday party gift, hostess gift for a Thanksgiving dinner, or just pure fun for you! I hope you enjoy! xo – Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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