San Diego Food Love: Islands

I have not been to Islands in so long… so I was excited to go check out their new summer menu items  this week. Mmmm… I’m still dreaming about their tasty beverages. The Moonlight Sangria was my favorite and the Irish Shake was a close second. Islands hosted an event for local media to try out their new items. 

drinks at Islands

I was really impressed with their beverage selections. They had a white and red sangria – both yummy but I really liked the white – moonlight sangria.

Ahi Poke from Islands Burgers

We sampled a variety of yummy appetizers including the Ahi Poke which was very fresh and flavorful served with crispy wonton chips. I also enjoyed the Spinach & Artichoke Dip.

spinach dip from Islands Burgers

The buffalo wings were also a hit. My hubby kept talking about how good they were and how the heat hits you after a few minutes. I always dip hot wings in ranch so the heat was not too overwhelming.

wings from Islands Burgers

We tasted the new Heat Wave burger and the Wiqui Waqui BBQ Chicken salad. I was all about the salad and Mark loved the burger. The heat on the burger was a little too strong for me but if you like heat… you will love the Heat Wave burger. I thought the salad was refreshing and really flavorful. I loved the big chunks of chicken and crunchy tortilla strips on top.

islands food and drinks

We went to the Mira Mesa Islands location and they recently redid some of their decor. The bar area is really well laid out and the walls are covered in beautiful beach scenes. Check out all these yummy drinks we got to sample:

drinks at islands

happy hour at Islands Burgers

I will definitely be heading back soon for happy hour. They will be serving their new Shandy drinks – cocktails made with beer and fruity flavors soon. And… look how cheap they are on the happy hour menu! I would go back just for another Beach Shandy and a basket of fries!

islands burgers beers

Islands was also serving up a crisp and refreshing local San Diego craft brew from Saint Archer. Mmm.

shandy cocktails at Islands Burgers

As I had my fair share of Moonlight Sangria and Shandy drinks, Mark had his fair share of Saint Archer Beer. We thought the night was heading to an end… then they brought out the boozy shakes.


The Coco Colada and the Irish Shakes were amazing. I especially loved the Irish shake which is made with Jameson. The Coco Colada is also very good… It had a stronger coconut flavor with bits of coconut and pineapple pieces. So good!

I hope you stop by Islands and try out some of their new summer menu items. I know I will be back soon! Let me know if you stop in and what you liked. Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day!!

Enjoy, Bri

My meal and drinks were covered by Islands. All opinions are my own. 




I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. I was stalking your photos on Instagram while you were there! Everything looks so yummy!!

  2. Your pictures are awesome!!!

    1. Thank you Alli and Krystal! I love taking foodie photos!

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