Orange and Clove Christmas Decor & Scent

Christmas Scent

When I was a kid, we stuck cloves into oranges, making these deliciously smelling oranges at Christmas time. This tradition of making orange and clove Christmas decor is called Pomanders. “Medieval herbalists used pomanders—mixtures of fragrant, dried herbs in cloth bags or perforated boxes—to ward off illness or bring strength and good fortune” – The Almanac. We can all use a little of that this year! 

Christmas Scent

Making Orange and Clove Christmas Decor & Scent

I’ve always loved the smell of orange and clove. It reminds me of Christmas every time. My mom always makes a stovetop Christmas scent that combines these scents with cinnamon and it fills the room. I always enjoyed making these oranges when I was a kid, so I picked up some whole cloves and oranges for the kids to try out this year. 
  Clove Oranges with the Kids

How to Make Pomanders

  1. Get Whole Cloves & Oranges
  2. Poke Cloves into Oranges

These are very easy to make but there’s a few helpful tips to make this easier for the kiddos! Make sure to get ripe oranges that are soft enough to poke the whole cloves into. I used toothpicks to draw out a design or lines for the kids to use as a guide. They could also just add cloves anywhere they like. The toothpick does loosen the orange skin and make it a bit easier to poke the cloves in. 

Kids putting Cloves into Oranges

These orange and clove pomanders make for awesome Christmas decor & brings that scent to the table. This was a fun little activity for the kiddos and brings back childhood memories for me. Hope you give this a try and bring more joy into your days! 

Christmas Tree Orange 

Clove and Orange Christmas Tree Orange and Clove Christmas Decor


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