Learning Photography

One of my goals for 2016 was to learn more about photography and take better photos. My first task on that plan was to get a DSLR camera. Thankfully my sweet hubby found a great deal on Amazon for a Canon Rebel T5 (affiliate) with a whole bunch of accessories and got me one last month. I am so excited to figure this new camera out! I have seriously been having so much fun learning what each button means. I only know a few basics so far but I am loving the results. I took a photography 101 class when I went to San Diego State but it has been a few years since then and I could really use a refresher.

Learning Photography with a DSLR

How I am Learning to Use a DSLR:
1. Research: I did a little research on Click it Up a Notch. I saw Courtney Slazinik speak at a conference a couple years ago and thought her approach to photography was very clear. She teaches moms how to learn photography in a simple step by step process. After reading just a bit on her page and from speaking with other photographers, I knew I wanted to learn how to shoot in Manual mode. Check out her tips for getting started >

2. Practice: I really have not had too much time for this yet but I have managed to squeeze in a few mini photoshoots of my kiddos and dog. I am having so much fun learning which aperture, ISO and shutter speed to use.

3. Take a Class: My next step is to take a class. A photographer I met last year – Rachel Brandt is offering a photography class online. This sounds perfect for my busy schedule. I really want to set aside a little time for me to learn so her online class sounds ideal for me. You could also look for classes in your area if you need something hands on.

Learning how to take photos with a DSLR

My initial reasoning for learning how to take better photos was for the blog but I am loving taking photos of my kiddos and things around the house. I really love bright, crisp photos with a faded background. I am sure I will learn all the terminology soon but you get the idea.

Learning photography, dog

What are your tips for learning photography?

Have a great day! -Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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