Carla Hall’s Favorite Chef Contest!

Fav Chef BriGeeski
You guys! I entered the Favorite Chef Contest to do a live cooking demo with Carla Hall, be featured in Taste of Home Magazine, and take home $25,000! They accepted my application and now I need your help to win! You can cast one free vote daily here! This would be an amazing opportunity and I would be so grateful for any and all of your votes! 
Mongolian Beef

Favorite Chef Contest Presented by Carla Hall

I first found the Favorite Chef Presented by Carla Hall contest opportunity through Instagram and couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the contest. Then, I wondered if it was a real contest or not but after applying and getting accepted, it appears to be the real deal. Like, I could actually win this contest and do a live cooking demo with Carla Hall!!! How amazing would that be?! On top of that, the winner receives a spread in TASTE OF HOME magazine AND $25,000! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies Favorite Chef Contest  

I want to be featured in the magazine, meet Carla and get the word out about my cookbook, Cooking With Kids! You can help me win by voting daily! It is free to vote through Facebook. If you’re logged in, just click the link to cast your free vote!

Fettuccine Alfredo

I’m super excited to be a part of this fun contest and I’m among a bunch of other amazing chefs. I can’t wait to see how it goes. Thank you for all of your support, today and always! xo, Bri 

Fav Chef BriGeeski


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. I came across your blog post about Carla Hall’s favorite chef contest, and I wanted to express my enthusiasm for the exciting competition you shared. Carla Hall is undoubtedly a culinary powerhouse, and her involvement in this contest adds a unique and captivating element.

    The concept of the favorite chef contest, where home cooks have the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete for recognition, is fantastic. It not only celebrates the passion and skills of aspiring chefs but also highlights the importance of home cooking and the incredible dishes that can be created in our own kitchens.

    Carla Hall’s involvement in the contest adds an extra layer of excitement and credibility. Her expertise and experience in the culinary industry make her an inspiring figure for aspiring chefs. The fact that she actively engages with the contestants and selects her favorite dishes demonstrates her dedication to promoting culinary talent and fostering a sense of community.

    I found it fascinating how you outlined the process of the contest, from the recipe submissions to the public voting and Carla’s final selection. The inclusion of readers in the voting process allows for a collective celebration of culinary creativity and provides a platform for engagement and support.

    Moreover, the prizes offered in the contest, including an autographed cookbook and a personalized video message from Carla Hall herself, are wonderful incentives for the participants. They add a personal touch and further enhance the sense of connection between Carla and the contestants.

    Thank you for sharing this exciting contest with your readers. It’s refreshing to see platforms like yours provide opportunities for aspiring chefs to showcase their talents and gain recognition. I look forward to following the contest and discovering the incredible dishes that emerge from this culinary adventure.

    Wishing all the contestants the best of luck, and thank you for keeping us updated on Carla Hall’s favorite chef contest!

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