DIY Baby Bow Holder

My baby had so many adorable bows just stuffed in a box. I realized it would be so nice to be able to see them better. I recently used up a container of instant oatmeal and the idea clicked!

This project was so easy, fun and free!


– Instant oatmeal cardboard container
– Tape
– 2 sheets of tissue paper or 1 sheet of wrapping paper
– Baby bows
– lightly damp paper towel
– Scissors


Take wrapping off oatmeal container and remove any remaining oat crumbs with a lightly damp paper towel. Unglue the bottom of the container to get all crumbs and press back into place. Keep plastic top on container.

Wrap the container with two sheets of tissue paper or a sheet of wrapping paper. Use the plastic cap (top) of container as the bottom. Push remaining tissue paper or wrapping paper into the top portion of the container.

Put headband bows around the container starting with the widest bows on the bottom. Stagger the bows so the flowers are not all on top of each other. Add clips to the top (opened) part of the container. Stuff any remaining bows or hats inside the container.





I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Hannah

    OMG!!! My daughter’s name is Kyla too!!!! No way! She will be turning 3 in March. We picked her name out of a Celtic name book. And I love this tutorial! I have been looking for something to make as a table centerpeice – but all the centerpieces have to be things that can be taken apart and used. One of them is a diaper cake type deal, but its in the shape of a motorcycle with minnie mouse on top. 😀 So this will be perfect! This si too cool…I have never seen another Kyla.

    1. admin

      Aww cool! That sounds like a fun birthday party and would be perfect for a centerpiece!

  2. Hannah

    One more thing – I havent looked at the rest of your blog yet, but from your catagories, it would seem as if we have a lot in common! I have an insane passion for marketing (currently going to school for my Associate’s in Business, then going to Ga state for marketing/business), and I am an artist, and I am soon launching my business – Hannah Belle Design. Too bad you live so far away! Seems like we would be friends. 🙂 I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog!

    1. admin

      Hi Hannah, Let me know if you need any help starting your business. I do graphic design and websites too. What kind of artist are you? Feel free to email me if you have any questions. [email protected] I look forward to seeing your business come to life 🙂

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