Watching My Baby Turn 7

My 7 year old

My little girl, the one who made me a mom, turned 7 this week. The girl who changed my world. The girl I always wanted. The girl that teaches me new things everyday. The girl that makes me want to do my best. This little girl has shown me my highs and lows. My greatest fears and my greatest blessings. Life before kids was cool, but life with kids is always an adventure. Always a new experience. Always different. This year, I partnered with American Girl to give her the gift she’s always wanted, a doll that looks just like her. A doll she can take with her wherever she goes and grows.

My 7 year old

This girl has the best excitement. She’s opinionated, bossy, loving, fearless, joyful, helpful, sassy and magical. Watch as she opens her gift for her 7th birthday this year:

Surprised Her with An American Girl Doll

“I got it! Thank you!!”

American Girl All the Way

The American Girl Doll with long blond hair and blue eyes was just what she wanted. She wanted a doll like her. Her style. Her excitement.

My American Girl Doll
7th Birthday My American Girl Doll
American Girl dolls have different custom hair, eye and skin color choices. The Truly Me dolls come with one outfit and plenty of accessories that you can add on. Since our girl loves gymnastics, I was sure to add in a gymnast outfit and she LOVED it. She also got the Truly Me accessory kit which includes a sweater, pants, toy cell phone and headband. She has really enjoyed playing with her doll every moment she has had to do so. We even asked for an extra high chair at dinner last night for the doll… It was her birthday after all! She has been changing her doll’s clothes and even brought her to school today for share day. Her and her cousin made a special area in her room for her doll and all of her things. 

I love that she really enjoys it so much. There are so many great toys out there and I hate to see when kids will only play with something once or twice then have no interest. This one keeps drawing her back with the different clothes choices and accessories to play with. The doll itself is really soft and makes for a good cuddle friend too.

The little man was pretty excited to see this new toy. He loves that her eyes open and close.

I let her open this present before all her friends and family came over to celebrate. I wanted to make sure she really got to play with it and check it out first. She sat out on our back couch for at least an hour playing with her new favorite toy.

Unicorn Poop

Afterwards, we celebrated her 7th birthday with her close friends and family. I love our family and tribe of people who gather together and celebrate life with us. There is nothing quite like it. There is nothing better than enjoying these special moments with the people who love and support us. I always feel so uplifted after spending time with our friends and family. Her birthday theme this year was unicorns with rainbows, so naturally, I made unicorn poop for her party favors. The kids loved it.

Celebrating and watching her turn 7 has been super special. To all you mommas with little girls, hold on to these sweet moments. They are the best. xo – Bri

Thank you to American Girl for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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