Whale Themed First Birthday Party

My little guy is officially one! We had a fun whale themed first birthday party to celebrate his amazing first year. I still can’t believe he is already an entire year old. That is pure craziness. It goes so much faster the second time around. The little missy will be 5 this year, 5!!! Anyway, I wanted to share a few pieces of his whale themed party with you. I tried to keep it simple and easy. Check out all the details below.


I ordered a few cute items from Oriental Trading, designed a few whale printables and picked up a few items from Target to through this party together. I have never used Oriental Trading (and this was not sponsored) but I found some pretty great items. We had an early party and enjoyed brunch. My mom and grams brought a couple breakfast casseroles and we served up fruit, yogurt, donuts and cupcakes for dessert.

cupcakes fruitcake

I contemplated buying cupcakes and a smash cake or making these myself for probably 2 months. I just love the taste of homemade cupcakes over store bought. I thought I would save a few bucks and do it myself. The taste turned out perfect but my cake decorating skills could use some work! I do love the little whale I cut out and put on top of the cake. It is a really simple way to bring the decor into the cake. Here is a printable of a few whales if you want some for your next whale themed party.


This little guy ate so much cake! It was craziness. I even had to take it away.


Pin the tale on the whale was a fun game for the older kids. (Ages 3-7) And all the kids enjoyed a little bowling in the backyard.


I made a few signs with the little whale icon I designed and placed them around the house. If you are hosting a whale themed party, I included a free printable of the sign above with ‘James is One’ removed for you to download below. If you want a custom sign, shoot me an email and I can help you out!

Download the “It’s the Big One!” Sign Here >


These cute anchor boxes are mini popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading. The little customized bubbles were only about $12 for 24 and you can write whatever you want on the label. The quality is slightly pixelated but I thought it was a great deal for what you get.



The last 12 months have flown by. Seriously. I don’t know where the time goes. I know people say that all the time but it is so true.

What theme will your next party be? Keep us in the loop! We love a good party!

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3 Responses to Whale Themed First Birthday Party

  1. Maureen at #

    I adore cute whales and you did such a great job with this theme. Happy first birthday, James!

  2. Angela at #

    Happy Birthday again, baby boy! Yes, time flies way too fast. Thanks for sharing your very cute theme and memories with us. Xo.

  3. Suzette at #

    This is too adorable, Brie! I use to get a lot stuff from Oriental Trading when I was Room and Team Mom. It was never this cute or perfectly coordinated.
    Happy Birthday to little James!