Creativity, Graphic Design & Marketing For Your Business

Tonight, I’ll be giving a talk for our local mompreneur group and it got me thinking that some of you may be interested in learning a little more about Creativity, Graphic Design & Marketing For Your Business too! Here’s a quick overview of what I will cover:

Graphic Design & Marketing Services

  • Branding & Image Consistency in Social Media
  • Landing Clients with a Custom Media Kit
  • Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing When You’re Stuck

In an effort to organize my thoughts and prepare for this event, I’ve put together some examples and visuals to help explain these items. But first, I’m going to do a little introduction. If you’ve been here before than you know, I’m Bri! I’m a wife, mom of 2 (ages 7 & 3) and a creative entrepreneur living in San Diego. is a food and lifestyle blog featuring recipes, everyday adventures, travel, design and party fun. I love to inspire others to follow their dreams, pursue their passions and enjoy life. I work with a handful of clients on a regular basis, as well as new businesses with their graphic design, marketing, website and social media needs. I also do this for the BriGeeski blog, as well as partnering with sponsors to create new, exciting content. Read more about BriGeeski. View my logo designsdesign portfolio and photography portfolio.

Branding & Image Consistency in Social Media

Social Media has become an amazing place for creative opportunities. You do have to understand a few things to make it work for you. For any new business, I always get started with their branding. This includes a logo design, image look & feel, a color scheme and font options. For existing businesses, I will work with their current branding or give it a refresh. Once the branding (or look) is established we can move on to image consistency on all channels. This is going to look different for every company, because every company has different values, beliefs and goals. In my brand, I try to highlight bright, colorful, bold imagery with pops of white and turquoise. I want to convey joy, experience and fun in my posts.

Landing Clients with a Custom Media Kit

I’ve been working with brands, sponsors or partners for the last 7 years. I never even knew it was possible to work with brands on things I enjoyed doing AND make a living in the process, until I started learning more about social media & blogging. Now, I find new brands to parter with through blog networks or by reaching out to brands myself. Reaching out to brands on your own can seem scary at first but it’s really just a part of business. I learned pretty early on that I needed a business card. Seems like a no-brainer but for those who have just started, it may seem like an added expense. I get it but your business card is like your first media kit. It tells people who you are, and how to find you. A media kit is an extension of a business card but with more detail including a brief bio, stats, rates, packages and a place to showcase your work or mini portfolio in some cases. Here are a few media kit examples below:

Future Champions Golf // Whitney Bond // BriGeeski

I didn’t start using a media kit until I had an idea of what I wanted to charge and what I had to offer. Once you know these details, it’s time to get your media kit together so landing clients can be easier than ever. Any time I meet a potential client or brand that would be a good fit for the blog, I will email them to say “It was very nice to meet you, I would love to work together. Please let me know if you are interested.” My email is typically a little longer than that, but you get the idea. If they are interested, I write back with a little more conversation and “I have attached my media kit. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.” Having a media kit helps to answer so many questions that a new client or brand may have. It also looks incredibly professional in this very fast social media world.

Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing When You’re Stuck

As a creative entrepreneur, it can become challenging to *always* be creative. I have found quite a few ways to help me get unstuck and let those creative juices start to flow again. For any creative field, the very first thing would be to take a break from what you are doing. I found that most creatives really need a lot of downtime. If you are a creative, you are creating all the time. That is no small task. Coming up with new ideas, new ways of doing things takes a lot of energy. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing when you’re stuck:

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music, a new podcast or watch a movie
  • Draw, paint, create in a different medium than you typically use
  • Explore the world
  • Change your routine
  • Stay active and hydrated
  • Learn a new skill

I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a little creativity, graphic design inspiration & marketing ideas for your business. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below or shoot me an email if you need any help in these areas. Thank you for reading along! xo, Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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