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Pumpkin Power Balls

These Pumpkin Power Balls are tasty treats, perfect for after school snacks or a tasty bite with your morning coffee! We love our peanut butter power balls which are very similar, these just have a fun fall twist. I love the added crunch with the pepitas and the gentle notes …

mediterranean salad

A Delicious Mediterranean Chicken Salad

This Delicious Mediterranean Chicken Salad is a must try! The flavors of marinated & fresh veggies with chicken, arugula + feta are so yum! I worked as a server in my teens and always loved trying out the dishes at the restaurants I worked at. Over the summer, I remembered …

tropical smoothie recipe

Enjoy a Tropical Smoothie

I’ve been loving anything with mango and coconut. Enjoy a tropical Smoothie recipe today to feel those island vibes! This recipe is so easy, incredibly tasty and quick to create. With just 5 ingredients and filled with fruit, you’re going to love it!    Tropical Smoothie Ingredients For this simple …

pineapple whip kids

Making Pineapple Whip

We’ve been making as many kid-friendly, fun and easy to make recipes from our cookbook, Cooking With Kids. Making Pineapple Whip has been by far the easiest and one of the tastiest recipes. It only has 2 ingredients and can be made in under 5 minutes. This pineapple whip is …

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