31 Goals for My 31st Year

I had a lot of life goals that I wanted to accomplish before turning 30. I’m blessed to say I achieved all the biggies. After that I kind of stopped thinking about what I wanted to accomplish by any other age. I truly believe that things will not happen to you unless you work on making those things or dreams come true. Yesterday I turned 31 and today, Iv’e decided I want to make a list of 31 goals to accomplish in this year. I always do a yearly dream board around the new year  which I still plan to do, but I wanted to make an easy fun to do list of goals and see if I can accomplish them all by next year.

This is 31

1. Maui 2016
2. Start a weekly blog post to simply chat about life. (not sponsored and not forced)
3. Focus my intentions for this blog
4. Take the kids to the Birch Aquarium
5. Camp at the beach
6. Get back into zumba
7. Get back into yoga
8. Network
9. More date nights
10. Eat more greens
11. Design a BriGeeski postcard
12. San Diego Taste – Events or T-shirts?
13. Less phone usage
14. Visit with Family
15. Say no to things that do not help grow my family or business
16. Get new glasses
17. Be grateful everyday
18. Practice patience
19. Chill with friends
20. Go to dog beach
21. Put plants in the front yard planters
22. Create a nicer backyard space
23. Reupholster dining room chairs
24. Declutter kiddos rooms
25. Design more invitations for Etsy shop
26. Add vinyl stickers to Etsy shop
27. More play time
28. Grow social media following for the blog
29. Spend more one on one time with kids and hubby
30. Make photo books
31. Make art space with a chalkboard wall and painting area

So some of these goals are easy and some I will need to spend more time on. Either way, I like that I have a list to look back on and continue moving forward. There are so many things to be grateful for in life. Here’s to 31!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Happy Birthday! I’m a Leo baby, too. That’s a very doable list you have; good luck with everything and enjoy your year!

    1. Thank you!! Happy Birthday to you as well!

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