2015 Dream Board

Have you created your 2015 Dream Board? This is probably one of my most favorite activities every year. I gather a stack of magazines, cut out the images and text that inspire me and paste those onto a piece of cardboard. I typically look for things that I want to move towards in the new year and things that I would like to focus more on. View my 2014 2013 + 2012 Dream Boards.

2015 dream board
This year I tried to keep it pretty general and broad since we are expecting a little one in May. After creating the Dream Board for 2015 I have had a chance to think about my goals and dreams for the New Year and now I can make more of a goal list here.

1. Fresh & Healthy Food: I would like to focus more on eliminating bad foods from my diet. I am not talking about sweets and treats but processed “food”. When I had my first kiddo I would only feed her fresh natural food and the older she has gotten the more I have reached out to easy to grab items that are not always the healthiest.

2. Family Fun Focus: We are expecting our baby BOY in May and we couldn’t be more excited. I would like to be more present when my kiddo is at home and not at preschool. I don’t want to be on my phone every other minute checking my email and social stats. I have tried the last few months to succeed at this but I still notice myself doing it more than I’d like. I may have to set new “rules” like no phones until after the kiddos are in bed.

3. Adventure Seeking: There is so much to see in do right in my favorite city of San Diego. I need to make a list of different spots to explore and start going. We get into our regular routines and don’t always step outside of the box when it comes to family time. I’d like us to all adventure out more and enjoy this beautiful city.

4. Travel: On a similar note, I would also like to travel to other new places. I know this one may be a bit tough this year but it’s never to early to start planning. We have had some amazing trips to Big Bear and 29 Palms where my in-laws live. We would not be who we are today without these wonderful adventures and the ability to spend time with our family. We will continue to always visit and explore these two spots but I’d like to also explore some other ground. If just once per year we venture out to a new spot I’d be happy with that. Mark and I have been on some awesome trips over the years to Hawaii and Mexico. I would be more than excited to head back to these spots since it has been a few years or to head out to a new destination. I am also hoping to travel more for the blog and bring you information from our travels.

5. Career Direction: Well this is another big one. I am pretty happy with where things are today as far as BriGeeski goes. I have 3 clients that I work with on a weekly basis for design + marketing work, I work with some awesome brands here on the blog, I’m the creative director for SD Mom’s Night Out and I have a little Etsy shop that keeps on moving. I often wonder if I should just focus on one area but I really don’t think that is how my mind works. I love the variety of work I do and I want to improve what I am already doing. I think that having a second kiddo will bring on plenty of new challenges as it is so adding any further work may not be possible right now. But I still have San Diego Taste in the back of my mind so that may pop up again this year too.

As I think more and more about my 2015 Dreams I may come up with more solid goals but I really just like to have a starting point with fun and fresh ideas for the new year. What’s in your 2015 dreams?


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Jessie

    Great inspiration board! I created one on Pinterest and looks like we have a few similar goals! We are going to try for baby #2 soon:) hope you will post some pics when your baby boy arrives. I have a 3 yr old boy, and I love having a boy! He is sweet and so active!

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