Specialty Teas, Smoothies and Boba Favorites at Tastea in Mira Mesa

Tastea in Mira Mesa

Guess what?! Specialty teas, smoothies and boba favorites can be found at our new Tastea location in Mira Mesa! If you’re new to boba, ‘it is a tea-based drink originating in Taichung, Taiwan in the early 1980s that includes chewy tapioca balls (“boba” or “pearls”) or a range of other toppings.’ (From wiki) Tastea began in 2000 and has been opening stores all over LA and now San Diego. This boba spot is unique because they aim to bring new flavor combinations and create a fun place for people to go. They offer seasonal specialities like pumpkin pie milk tea, horchata milk tea with crushed cinnamon cereal and jasmine sunrise tea. For those who don’t like tea, they have smoothie favorites and specialty slow drip coffee! 

Tastea in Mira Mesa

The drinks at Tastea!

We went to Tastea in Mira Mesa a couple weeks ago when they first opened and tried out some of their delicious beverages. One of the favorites was the Yummy Gummy: orange, raspberry, and passion fruit with peach bits. Mark loved the chamango. I tried the jasmine milk tea with boba and it also had a great flavor. The Strawberry bonanza was also delicious. Whatever you choose will be full of flavor, color and fun! Check out the full Tastea menu >

Tastea order

Tastea Grand Opening in Mira Mesa

The Tastea grand opening is Sunday, October 18, 2020! Doors will open at 12pm. The first 20 customers in line receive a Tastea Reusable Straw, Tastea Lanyard, and a 20oz Peach Me Sweetea (add-ons extra). The next 150 in line will receive a Tastea Lanyard and 20oz Peach Me Sweetea (add-ons extra). After giveaways are done, they’ll be offering BOGO Teas until closing. 

Tastea follows all the social distancing guidelines and has an awesome online ordering system. You can place your order on your phone, schedule your pick up time and go when it’s convenient for you! 

Tastea is Now Open in Mira Mesa

Tastea Food Menu

Tastea offers a food menu that has fries, chicken and shrimp. All the items include famous Tastea Dust which has a flavorful cajun style spice. Our favorite is the shrimp with weak sauce. 

Yummy Shrimp from Tastea  

We’ve been stopping by Tastea for a mid-week lunch or afternoon snack. The kids love boba and enjoy all the smoothie flavors. I love their milk teas and can’t wait to try their coffee!

Smoothies, Boba and Tea Drinks

Tastea Boba Print

I’ve been playing around more with my iPad pen and made a fun little Tastea Print. This is a free 5 x 7 digital download. Just click the image and print. I hope you like it! Comment below with your favorite Tastea drink! 

Tastea Print

Tastea hosted us to try out their items. All opinions are my own!


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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