Under the Sea Party Ideas

Our sweet little lady turned 4 at the end of October and we celebrated with an Under The Sea Birthday party with a few friends and family. I had all intentions of ordering a cake and a pizza and calling it a day. But the closer it got, my party mode kicked in and ideas of under the sea party fun had to be done. I still kept it pretty simple with premixed cake and we did order that pizza. I did have fun with it though and turned some simple ideas into fun and fitting under the sea decor.

Pinterest is full of super cute ideas for an Under the Sea theme. I started there by pinning my favorite ideas then I came up with a few other ideas to bring it all together.

Teal and green backdrop: I attached a string to a few tacks on the wall and hung pieces of crepe paper across to make a seaweed look.
Banner: I had the cute striped teal banner left over from a baby shower that I hung up and added “Happy 4th!” out of letters printed from my HP Envy.  


The cake was a regular white cake mix recipe with green jello added for a little color. I found a similar recipe here and changed it up just a bit. I used green jello with a few dots of blue food coloring to make some of it look teal. I didn’t get an inside shot of the cake but it was layered with white and teal cake. I kind of killed the frosting and had to do it twice. I have learned that cake decorating is not my strongpoint. The cupcakes did turn out pretty cute. But then again I just added super cute octopus gummies to the top. The kids just loved these.

Clam Shell Pearl Cookies
Instead of using shell cookies, I picked up some nilla wafers and little pearl chocolates to create these adorable cookies. These were so inexpensive to make and just turned out so cute. Just add a dollop of icing to one cookie, top with a pearl and push the top cookie into the icing a bit so it sticks.  

Some of the cupcakes had the little sharks on top. I added these sharks and some swedish fish to blue jello for the ocean treats.


My kiddo requested a gallon of pop for her birthday drink. This is from a little raccoon book that we read. I mixed up some soda water with an orange soda and she thought it was so cool. The little containers have pink goldfish for the little kids. 

I loved creating the graphics for her party. I did reuse some of the designs I had done for a friends’ baby shower which was nice. Download this fun welcome sign for your next Mermaid and Pirate themed party!

One of the best parts about attending a kids birthday is the goodie bag. I always remembered that part from going to friends birthday parties as a kid. It could be the simplest thing but it would always remind me of the fun that was had at the party.

Under the Sea Goodie Bags
I designed this fun “Under The Sea” goodie bag printable and wanted to fill the bags with a few under the sea goodies. I picked up the bathtub finger paint from the Big Lots for $1 each and a bag of shells from the dollar store. I got the rest at Target in the party section and added the little containers of gold fish. These were a bit hit with the kiddos.  

I’ve been using my new HP Envy printer for all my printing needs lately and I have been very happy with the quality. I printed these on matte photo paper and they turned out great.

Under the Sea Craft Table
The kiddos loved playing with the sea life shapes and the fun seashell stamps.

I made a number “4” out of HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper. This is so not a sponsored post but I recently attended an event with HP and they introduced me to some really fun new products. I really love the little sticky photo paper. I found photos that I had shared to instagram, opened the photos in HP Snapshots app and then printed them directly from my phone to the printer. How awesome is that? (P.S. HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper is BOGO with this link through 11/30.)

The kiddos finished up the day with an Under the Sea Shell Search. I poured a couple colored bags of mini rocks in a tub with seashells. This is super simple, cute and fun for the little ones. 

What’s your next party theme? I’m sure ill have some sort of holiday party soon.
Enjoy, Bri

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a product link, I’ll receive a percentage of the sale. It is not much but it helps keep this blog alive.


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. What an adorable theme! The colors are stunning! Happy birthday to Kyla!

    1. Thank you Laura!

  2. I love this theme! You always have such cute printable a and party ideas! I would love to learn more about that Hp photo paper. What a cool project! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you!! You would love the photo paper! It is so fun because it is like a giant sticker that you can customize.

  3. Really admire your idea and so Kyla too. Very eye-catching! for sure a lot of Mommies will look for it. How many days you prepare for this?

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