Monday Morning Ramblings + Dream Journaling

objects for inspiration

When do you feel like you have the most inspiration? I feel most inspired in the mornings, especially Monday mornings. Today, I decided to select objects around the house that bring me joy or inspiration and photograph those items to help work on my photography skills and to switch up my weekly routine. I love routine but I also need change for growth in business and life. My new morning routine consists of giving myself space for creativity and dream journaling, with a cup of coffee of course!

Read below for today’s Monday Morning Ramblings + Dream Journaling tips! 

objects for inspiration

Monday Morning Ramblings

This Monday Morning, I decided it was time for a photoshoot. I’ve been thinking about adding in a weekly photoshoot just to see what happens. No real structure, not a recipe, just an exercise in exploration. Today’s objects included my new favorite coffee mug that I got for Mother’s Day. Yes, I picked it out and have no shame in my game. I know what I like. I also grabbed a couple blue ball jars, a gold office thingamajig and my new succulent along with my dream journal. While walking through the house, I grabbed items that stood out to me. Once I started setting those items out on the patio workshop, I found a few other items outside that just seemed to go along with these. 

san Diego coffee cup  

I snapped photos of every item as it sat then rearranged the items for a different viewpoint. Sometimes we have to look at things from a different angle to really understand it. This weekend I really took time to do nothing. I found so much joy in letting some things go. There are always things that need to be done but our bodies are so much more happy to do the work once we allow ourselves to rest and rejuvenate. 


I took some time to take my girl shopping. We found this cute little beach car birdhouse and I had to have it. It also seemed to tie in well with my little morning photoshoot. 

to the beach

Mark took time to put together our pizza oven that’s been sitting in the backyard for a few months now. We used the one at my parents house a while back and loved it. I’m glad it is ready to use now. Pizza making will be coming soon! 


Dream Journaling

I know I’ve talked plenty about Dream Boards, which I love. But since I’m switching things up, I want to share my dream journaling experience with you too! About two years ago, I heard that It was very helpful to write down 3 things everyday that you’re grateful for. This can help with anxiety as well as keeping your life in perspective. Having a gratitude practice has been very helpful for me. I did it for awhile, then took a break because I felt like I was just writing the same things everyday. I was just writing the big things I was grateful for, like family, health, work, etc.

The Dream Journaling Process 

Then I saw Rachel Hollis talking about writing down the small things too. This changed things for me. It got me back into a gratitude practice, plus a dream and goal setting practice all in one. I’ve been using her style of writing down 3-5 items of gratitude, then writing 1-10 goals or dreams. Everyday, you write the same goals or dreams until that item has been accomplished. The thing I like about this is that you write it as if you’ve already accomplished it. For example, I have over 25K page views per month. Not I want or I wish. I have! This thought process has always helped me get to where I want to be.

You have to believe in yourself that something is even possible for it to actually happen, and of course leave room for greatness.

How to Start A Dream Journal

If you want to start a dream journaling practice, you can purchase one of these notebooks or start with a blank notebook and do these steps each day:

  1. Start by writing 3-5 things you are grateful for today.
  2. Write 1-10 Goals + Dreams as if you’ve already accomplished it. Include each dream/goal daily until it has been accomplished.
  3. Add in 1 step for today. 
  4. Go and do that 1 step for the day.

Morning Coffee

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Monday Morning Ramblings and Dream Journaling Tips! Happy Monday, people! Let’s do this! xo – Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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