Beach Camping in Carlsbad

The warm weather in San Diego today has me thinking about our last camping trip at Carlsbad, CA. We’ve been doing weekend camping trips in our trailer for the last few months. I realized I haven’t been sharing about that here and it got me thinking that I should. I’ve shared about it on Instagram so if you follow along there then you’ve seen a bit about what we’ve been up to. I guess I wanted to keep this spot all to ourselves. You’d understand why if you’ve been. Camping at Carlsbad and San Elijo are pretty much the best. As you know, beach views are my favorite. Especially beach views with my kiddos having fun!

The thing about camping in Carlsbad is that you’ve got to book ahead of time. Like 6 months ahead of time. We use Reserve California when making our online reservations. You’ll occasionally find dates pop up that people have had to back out of, so it’s still good to check for any dates you have in mind. We’ve just been looking ahead a few months and booking any weekends that open up. We have two more trips this year that we randomly booked a few months ago.

If you’re new to camping in San Diego, you’ve got to try these spots. They are my favorite so far. We also love camping at Santee Lakes in the Spring. We will have to check out some other locations next year. Do you have any other recommendations for us?

Our first few trips in the trailer have been purely fun related with no working or blogging. It’s something we do often now and I’d like to start sharing some of our tips for cooking while camping (er glamping), packing and adventure tips. Is this something you’d like to see more of? Thanks friends! xo – Bri




I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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