Bahia Resort Hotel in Mission Bay

Playing on the Bay

The Bahia Resort Hotel is where it’s at for San Diego fun and relaxation! I’ve stayed at quite a few places around town and this is one of my top spots to stay. I love that this Mission Bay Hotel is casual yet beautiful and it’s walking distance from Belmont Park. The Bahia is an awesome spot for families since they have a bayside beach, a kid-friendly pool with crafts, live music and food on site. We’ve stayed here a few times, but this last time was the best as we opted for the bayside room which is right on the water. The kids loved running out to play on beach and we had a great spot in a nice lounge cabana right in front of our room. 

bayside at the Bahia

Playing on the Bay

The Bahia Resort Vibe

The Bahia was our last stop on our California Coastal Summer Vacation. We felt the most relaxed at the end of our trip and the Bahia just made us feel right at home. I could live on that bay. I know I’m a sucker for any beach but this one just felt magical. I think having the bay right outside of our door was a huge part of it. Also, feeling like we could just stay right there in that spot and not worry about having to go anywhere else was great. 
 Palms for Days

I feel most at ease when my kids are free to be kids. We played on the bay, ate at restaurants nearby like Coaster Saloon for BBQ and The Mission for breakfast, we went to the Bahia Beach Party and swam at the pool. In the evenings, we would walk to dinner and walk back to our room on the bay.

Bahia Resort Hotel

We spent most of our time chillin on the bay.

The Bay at the Bahia 
Bahia Beach Party

The California Dreaming Beach Party

The California Dreaming Beach Party of the decades is held each summer at the Bahia Resort. It’s similar to a luau with live music, a clam bake, dancing and fun for the whole family. We had a great time at the beach party but couldn’t stay long as the kids were so tired from a day on the bay. We ate our dinner and grabbed a hot chocolate to go. We finished off the night in our room with a movie.

Bahia Resort Hotel Sunset

On our last day, we spent a little more time on the bay and I decided to try out paddle boarding. I have been wanting to try this for the last few years and was so glad I did it! I was a little nervous at first but it was so fun! I rented the board and paddled over to Mark and the kids. The kids each tried it too and loved it.

Paddle board at the Bahia

The Pool at the Bahia

It was time to check out and we were about to head home when we realized that we never went to the pool. I called the front desk and they said to just stop by for a pool key and we could stay. It was the best choice that really rounded out our whole vacation. They have a pool bar + grill and offer poolside crafts for the kids. The pool has a very shallow area which really helped James learn to swim. He was able to stand up and practice swimming to the steps. They also had complementary ice cream social at 2PM that day! 

The Pool at the Bahia
Ice Cream Party

The Bahia Resort also hosts the Bahia Belle which is an evening cruise. We really wanted to take the kids on this but didn’t make it this trip. We will have to head back soon for a cruise! 

Bayside sunset

We had an absolute blast and are looking forward to our next return! Drop a comment if you’ve been. xo, Bri

The Bahia Resort 
998 West Mission Bay Drive 
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-0551


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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