2019 Dreamin’

It’s already mid January and I haven’t created a dream board, picked a word for the year or made any New Years intentions. Well, I suppose I have in my head but I really haven’t taken the time to gather all of my thoughts or made any actionable goals. It feels nice. It just feels right. I’ve been keeping steady and pushing forward with several things from last year. But I’ve also been allowing myself to breathe through the seasons of life. It’s crazy how fast some things change and how so many things stay the same, with little kids in the mix.

During the kid’s winter break, I took a break of my own. It was refreshing. I took time off work, social media and the need to get all the things done. The day after Christmas, my in-laws took the kiddos to the desert. Mark and I stayed home to relax for 2 days till meeting up with them for New Years weekend. We cleaned out the kids room, pretty much Marie Kondo style, then reorganized their rooms. I took down all the Christmas decorations and cleaned up the rest of the house. It looked so bare but so nice at the same time. It was like a complete transformation of moving from one season to the next. Not just from the holidays but also moving on to new and different things ahead.

Spending quality time with the kids and family for two weeks was lovely. Not even kidding. It was one of the most relaxing times I’ve felt as a mom with two kiddos.

I put less pressure on myself.

One of my friends asked me what my New Years resolution was and I said, to be less hard on myself. Her response, Oh! Are you hard on yourself?!

Yes, sometimes. I typically don’t even realize it. So, moving forward into 2019 Dreamin’, Imma be less hard on myself. I also have some family, business and life dreams I’m going to start tackling below too!

One of the things we were working on was to travel + camp more. We were so excited to get our trailer last year and start camping again. We had some family photos taken at our house by the lovely Crystella Photography to remind us of this dream come true.

This year the plan is to continue using our trailer and check out a few new spots along the way. We’ve gotten pretty content with beach camping at Carlsbad & San Elijo though, so that may be hard to beat! If you have any other somewhat local to San Diego camp spots to try – comment below, please!

A few other tidbits I’ll be working on this year include:

1. Prioritizing work tasks.
2. Traveling to a new destination.
3. Going on a week long family trip.
4. Enjoying one moment at a time. Individual date days.
5. A successful mastermind group. (started today!)
6. Checking out a few concerts.
7. Home improvement projects.
8. Saving and finance planning.
9. Adding more movement to my daily lifestyle.
10. Hosting dinner parties. Write a cookbook.

That’s it for now! Here’s to 2019 Dreamin! xo – Bri


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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