Visiting Morro Bay


Our fourth stop on our California Coastal Vacay was Morro Bay! I love this beautiful seaside town. We camped at Morro Bay State Park which is on the bay. This was another great campground with trees and space for the kids to ride bikes. Morro Strand State Beach is on the ocean and has much smaller spots. It seemed really breezy there too so we were happy to be camping at Morro Bay State Park on the bayside. The bay is a bike ride away from the camp. There is also a golf course and a museum right next to the campground. We drove in to town to explore all the shops and eateries. 

morro bay campground

Morro Bay State Park

Morro Bay State Park is right on a lagoon in the bay. You can see Morro Rock from the end of the campground. The park museum has exhibits on natural features, history, geology, and oceanography. There is a 2 vehicle max for this campground and they do enforce it. There is no overnight Parking in the park or nearby. The weather was chilly here but not too cold. We were here in the beginning of July. The campground has plenty of space for bike rides. There are bathrooms, showers and a dump on site. 


Exploring Morro Bay

We loved exploring the town in Morro Bay. Our favorite stop was Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley. We had some awesome food from this spot. The clam chowder, clams, fish & chips and mussels were our favorites from the whole trip.  The town is filled with little shops. There’s a big shell shop that the kids enjoyed exploring. We stopped in a few surf shops for souvenirs. We stopped in Libertine Brewing for drinks, which was right on the bay and allows dogs on the patio. 

seafood in morro bay 

clam chowder 

The town was very cute with lots of areas for the kids to enjoy. They had to get a photo in the World’s Smallest Tiki Bar. There was a merry-go-round type ride they tried out too. 

smallest tiki bar

shopping in morro bay

Museum of Natural History

We loved the Museum of Natural History located right next to the campground. I took the kids in the morning on our bikes and rode over to check it out. It’s a very interactive museum with all sorts of information about the natural habitats of the area. The museum sits right over the bay. The kids played with the puppet show, kinetic sand and drawers full of natural habitat examples. 

morro bay museum morro rock

The kids looked through the telescope out to Morro Rock. We also snapped a photo in front of the giant whale mural outside of the museum. Next time we visit, I would take a bay cruise or paddle around the bay. 

museum national estuary    Visiting Morro Bay

We had a fun time exploring Morro Bay! Have you been? Tell me in the comments below. xo, Bri 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Me

    Lived there. I miss it tremendously. Thank you for putting Gio’s in there. He is such a nice person and his crew is extremely inviting. Best seafood ever. His wine bar on the corner is perfect to watch the sunset and look at the ROCK. AMAZING PLACE TO VISIT.

    1. For sure! We had a great time there. Oh! I’ll have to check out the wine bar next time. Thank you!

  2. Gregory Ferguson

    I miss Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo California (805) I have so many memories there 😢 I think my Grandpa was a commercial fisherman there before he was murder in 59 RIP

    1. Such beautiful places. My grandpa fished out of Morro Bay too! How sad to hear about him 🙏.

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