San Simeon, Cambria, Moonstone Beach, Harmony & Cayucos

San Simeon

Our third stop on our California Coastal Vacay was San Simeon. While we camped at Hearst San Simeon campground, we were able to visit Cambria and Moonstone Beach. On our way to our next stop in Morro Bay, we visited Harmony & Cayucos on the drive back down. This was the busiest part of our trip but we got to see some really awesome places in just a 2 night stay. I recommend at least a stop by each of these cute little towns if you are in the area. They each had their own unique charm and are worth a visit. 

San Simeon

Camping at Hearst San Simeon

We really enjoyed the campground at Hearst San Simeon. It was different than the other campgrounds we stayed at because it was inland from the beach about a 1/4 mile. It was also surrounded by trees. Since we were the farthest North on our trip, it was also the coolest temperatures. We were there in the beginning of July and had pretty good weather. It was warm in the daytime and cool in the evening. We rode bikes or walked to get to the beach from the campground. You have to walk under a bridge to get there. 

Camping at San Simeon

We had one full day to adventure around San Simeon. We went straight to see the Elephant Seal Rookery. It was really neat to see these giant seals laid out on the beach. They were all sun bathing and were pretty funny to watch. I saw one seal bark at another for getting too close to another seal. 


Moonstone Beach

Next, we drove through Cambria to check out the town, then went over to Moonstone beach and had an awesome seafood lunch at Moonstone Beach Bar + Grill. We enjoyed everything there including the clams, clam chowder, tacos, fish & chips and crab cakes. 

Moonstone Beach

San Simeon Kids

Visiting Cambria

We stopped by the beach and finished up shopping in Cambria before heading back to the campground in San Simeon. Cambria is filled with artist shops, thrift stores, souvenir shops and jewelry stores. There are coffee shops and eateries along the way. I loved the artwork displayed outside of the shops and the charm of the whole town. 



After we got back to the campground, it was time for showers and resting. The kids did a puzzle and we enjoyed some drinks by the fire. 

Doing a puzzle at Camp

We didn’t get a chance to go to the Hearst Ranch Winery, but I bought a bottle in town and really enjoyed their cab. 

Hearst Winery

Visiting Harmony

When we left San Simeon, we headed to Harmony for the most delicious ice cream. It is a tiny town with a population of only 18 people. The town is very cute with a few old buildings and shops to walk through. There is a beautiful pottery and jewelry shop. They have an ice cream truck and a food truck with items made from their creamery. Up on the hill there is a winery and sheep grazing the land. 


Exploring Cayucos

After leaving Harmony, we drove into Cayucos on the way to Morro Bay. I loved this little town and could have stayed here longer. It’s a super cute beach town. There are stores and restaurants all along the coast. I loved the Brown Butter Cookie Company original cookies! They have a really awesome beach with a pier and a playground on the sand. The stores are all walking distance and I even saw a skate park on the way in. Next time we come by, we would plan to stay for the day or a couple nights. 


We enjoyed our stay at San Simeon and our travels through Cambria, Moonstone Beach, Harmony & Cayucos! Drop a comment below if you’ve been or if you have any questions. xo, Bri 

Visiting San Simeon


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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  1. Cayucos Resident

    You spelled Cayucos wrong within the article ( Exploring Cuyacos ). Seriously?

    1. You’re right! I spelled Cayucos wrong in the paragraph but had it correct in the title and image. I have updated it now. I appreciate you letting me know. – Bri

  2. Patricia Sachs

    I know all these areas. I want to take a California road trip with my older brother (18 months). By myself, years ago I took a road trip from LA to Santa Maria and went up to the door of every house I ever lived in. The current owners always let me come in dnd see the inside. Oh I just scrolled down to send this and see you live in San Diego. My older brother Robert K Boyd lives in that area too.

    1. Hi Patricia! How fun! Santa Maria is a great place to visit too. My cousin lived there for a while. Yes, I am in San Diego. I hope you and your brother have a great trip and visit a lot of fun places!

  3. Check your spelling

    1. Thank you! I realized I spelled Cayucos wrong in the paragraph. I have updated it now. I appreciate you letting me know. – Bri

  4. Janis wilkerson

    Love all of these areas and have visited many times. So glad that you and the family enjoyed them too!

    1. We had a great time! So glad we got to visit with you on our CA Coastal trip too! xo

  5. Astrid Hahne

    It was for me the first time on the Moonstone Beach. I was there with my granddaughter and my great grandson. I loved it and I will go back soon.

    1. How fun! A great place for making memories!

  6. Jefferey Barnes

    My name Is JJ and I grew up in San Miguel and have been going to those beaches for years. They are awesome for sure. If you didn’t hike out on the point from Hearst state beach by the pier you forsure should. It is also some of the best fishing around ( in the kelp beds). Has been my secret spot since I was a kid, always brought home a full stringer of ling cod, blue meat baby,the best. There is a way cool ukualyptus grove out on the point. I know I spelt that wrong, hoe the spelling b champ isn’t seeing this, lol. Peace to All

    1. Hi JJ! How fun! We did not end up fishing while we were in San Simeon. That sounds like an awesome spot to get some cod though. We will have to try that next time we are in the area. No spelling police here! 😉 Peace to you too!

  7. Sabino Briseno

    My daughter and I took a road trip 911 of this year she had fun we went to five beaches starting with Cayucos Morro Bay and it was cold foggy Avila Pismo Grover Beach the dunes and in the dunes Ranch then we came home to the heat of Bakersfield California

    1. Oh wow! Sounds similar to our trip! How was Avila? I went as a kid but it’s been so long.

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