Top 10 Things to See at Seaworld San Diego for Families


We recently went to Seaworld San Diego after a half day of school and had the best time! We have our top 10 things to see at Seaworld for families! I love that San Diego has so many fun theme parks and I especially love being able to spend a few hours at one. We were able to see a lot of animals, enjoy a lot of rides and wander around the park with friends. Seaworld is located in Mission Bay and you can even see the bay from a few spots in the park. There is a lot to see and do at Seaworld, including rides, activities, tours, animal interactions, dining and camps. This post is focused on the animals to see and the rides for families. 


Top 10 Things to See at Seaworld San Diego for Families

  1. Manta – Take a thrilling ride on Manta, a roller coaster designed to make you feel like you’re flying like a manta ray, then stop by and visit the manta rays. 
  2. Shark Encounter – Get an inside look at the world of sharks with this interactive experience. Check out their unique habits and anatomy while exploring the underwater tunnel.
  3. Penguins in Antarctica – Step into the icy world of Antarctica and experience the wonders of the South Pole. The penguins are so cute and have a lot of fun swimming around.
  4. Explorer’s Reef – Explore the sea creatures at this interactive touch pool. Get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most fascinating inhabitants.
  5. Wild Arctic – Get an up close view of polar bears, walrus, and beluga whales in this immersive experience. The kids loved the ice wall and caves to play in as well.

    seaworld with the kids

  6. Turtle Reef – I love to watch the turtles swim around. They are one of my favorite sea creatures, especially after swimming with them in Maui
  7. Sesame Streets Bay of Play – The kids had a blast riding the Tentacle Twirl, Aqua Scout, Octarock, Sea Dragon Drop, Elmo’s Flying Fish and Abby’s Sea Star Spin. 
  8. Dolphin Point – Get up close and personal with some of SeaWorld’s most beloved dolphins! The show features amazing acrobatics, fun tricks, and even a chance to meet the dolphins afterwards.
  9. Skytower – Get a 360 degree view of Seaworld and the surrounding area from the top of this observation tower.
  10. Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight – A hilarious show featuring the antics of SeaWorld’s sea lion stars. Be prepared to laugh as they perform their signature tricks and stunts.

turtle walrusflip

We had a blast exploring Seaworld and plan to go again soon. There are a lot of ticket options, so be sure to check their website for the latest deals. 

whale rides  elmo ride

Top 10 things to see at Seaworld San Diego for Families


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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