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Aloe Vera Yogurt & Fruit Bar

I have the most fun and tropical fruit bar idea made with delicious Aloe Vera Yogurt by our sponsor Alove. This is another super simple breakfast idea for the whole family or a group of friends. I discovered Alove Yogurt at a food conference a little while back and loved the concept. They take little […]

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Try these Dairy Pure Mix-Ins for Snack Time!

Enjoying Snack Time With Mix-ins

The kids and I have this fun love for snack time. I always know its coming and they totally forget that they need food in order to not be little crazy people. Especially after school snack time. Like immediately! Walk through the door, give me food now – snack time. I try to give them […]

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Try this! Dragon Fruit Champagne

Dragon Fruit Champagne Cocktails

I love trying new concoctions in the kitchen. I’ve decided to start making a few new food and drink recipes to share with all of you here. Why not start with a champagne cocktail? Pitaya Plus sent us some samples of their dragon fruit smoothie packs and I thought these would be a fun flavor […]

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OH! Mini Juice Cleanse

Have you tried a juice cleanse before? I have tried a few in the past – some good and some not so good. This time around I found one that tastes good AND makes me feel good! OH! Juice is made right here in sunny San Diego! Woop! They sent me a mini juice cleanse to […]

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