Olive Baking Company & Cafe in Mission Beach

Olive Baking Company

During one of my recent visits to Mission Beach, I stopped in Olive Cafe. I got an Acai Smoothie and headed to the beach to enjoy the waves. It was really hot out and I needed something hearty but refreshing. The smoothie hit the spot. It was super simple, made with Acai, apple juice and ice. I walked right by the Olive Baking Company and realized these two spots must be related. I absolutely loved the simplicity, wholesome, and welcoming vibe I received at each spot. 

Acai Smoothie

Olive Cafe in Mission Beach

We’ve been driving by the Olive Cafe every time we go paddle boarding. It is a cute little cafe on the corner of Santa Clara Place and Mission Blvd. I’ve been talking about stopping in and finally did. I’ll have to visit again for some of their tasty looking food but it was nice to stop in to take a look around. They offer a variety of hot or iced drinks, breakfast and lunch options. They serve Cafe Virtuoso coffee, the only 100% organic coffee roasters in San Diego County.

After doing some online research, I found that the owner, Sarah, first opened the Cafe in 2005 then opened the Bakery in 2015. She grew up in New York with many mornings spent at her local deli chatting with people from the neighborhood, while sipping coffee and eating breakfast. While attending USD, it became her dream to open up her own cafe. 

Olive Baking Company

Olive Baking Company

After 10 years of running the cafe and a trip to Italy, she decided to open the Olive Baking Company to be able to have fresh bread every day. The family run bakery provides fresh baked bread, organic speciality coffee and pastries like cinnamon rolls, muffins and other fun snacks. They have recently started offering grocery boxes to-go available for pick-up. 

Mission Beach

After I enjoyed some time on the beach, I stopped in the Olive Baking Company and bought a bag of fresh baked sourdough. I went straight home and made toast topped with butter, garlic, sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. It was so delicious. I’m looking forward to my next visit to the Olive Baking Company and the Olive Cafe to try out some other goodies! 

Sourdough Toast


Olive Cafe
805 Santa Clara Place
San Diego, CA 92109
Hours: 7AM-3PM

Olive Baking Company
735a Santa Clara Place
San Diego, California 92109
Hours: 7:30AM-1:30PM

Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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