Legoland California with our Toddler

After checking out Legoland California I just had to share our fun with you! It was the first time my hubby and I took our now 2 year old to an amusement park together. There is so much to see and do at Legoland for a toddler. We played with legos, looked at amazing lego statues, rode on super fun rides and ate yummy food.

Legoland California Resort. San Diego Entrance

I tested out the panorama feature on my iPhone camera and took a few shots of the entrance and market. The market is full of healthy and inexpensive food options. I was pretty surprised since a lot of other amusement parks do not have this. The market sold fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit, granola, coffee and a lot more. The prices were very reasonable too.

The Market at Legoland California

We hoped on the Fairy Tale Brook Ride right away. It was a great first ride to get our day going. It is a slow boat ride around a circle that has little fairy tale scenes made out of legos. So cute! Since my kiddo hasn’t been on too many rides the Fairy Tale Brook Ride was a good place for us to start.

Legoland California Fairy Tale Brook Ride

We walked around and checked out all of the lego statues and saw some of the bigger kids riding cars at the ”   “. Then we headed to Duplo Playtown so our kiddo could play around for a bit.

Duplo Playtown at Legoland California

She immediately ran to the playground to go down the slide. Then she played doctor for a little while and drove the lego ambulance. She even put her foot up in a makeshift cast at the lego hospital. This girl seriously loves anything doctor related. There are lots of little stations with legos for the kids to make what ever they want.

Duplo Village at Legoland California

As we were there, Legoland California was prepping for Christmas time. They had their giant lego tree all set up with ornaments and a big yellow star on top. They even had an area prepping for snow. We walked around a little more and our kiddo watched the singing lego band in Fun Town and Pirate Shores.

Lego Christmas Tree Legoland California

Our favorite ride of the day was the Lost Kingdom Adventure in the Land of Adventure. You get strapped in a little car and are handed a toy gun to shoot at little targets. My hubby and I realized that maybe this was more fun for us because we seemed to have gotten really competitive at shooting all the targets. So fun!

Lost Kingdom Adventure - Ride At Legoland California

Then we toured MiniLand USA. Seriously – So Cool! It is like tons of little towns all made out of legos. Here is a small part of Las Vegas:

Miniland USA at Legoland California - Las Vegas Legos

This photo was right at the entrance to MiniLand and I absolutely love this shot:

Miniland at Legoland California

And this one too 🙂

Miniland USA at Legoland California

We sampled some pretty tasty food along our adventure too. We tried the Grilled Steak Sandwich from the Fun Town Market and we had to try Granny’s apple fries with whipped apple cream. The apple fries were super fun and our kiddo loved them!

Legoland Apple Fries and Grilled Steak Sandwich

Aside from all the rides and fun we had, Legoland is actually really pretty. Check out this scene located near the exit of the park:

Lego Bull at Legoland California

And if you haven’t heard Legoland now has a hotel. Next time we may just have to stay the night so we can hang out at the park a little longer! Look how fun:

Legoland California Hotel

We had such a fun day exploring legoland and cannot wait to go back. There are also tons of fun things for the older kids to do including lots of fun looking rides, but I wanted to share our experience with you so you knew what there is to do with the little ones. Legoland also has a guide for What to do When you are 2.

Have you been to Legoland California? What is your favorite thing to do there with your toddler?

I received 2 tickets to Legoland California. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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