A Week in Big Bear

We spent a week in Big Bear the week before the Fourth of July. It was such a great week. I was able to get work done while the kiddos played with grandma and grandpa in the mornings and then we adventured around in the afternoons. We explored some indoor fun activities as well as outdoor fun. Big Bear is my favorite in the summertime. The weather varied a bit while we were there but it was overall sunny and warm. Just the way I like it.


I had a great balance of work and home life while I was there which is what I have been striving for lately. It really helped me to see that I needed help at home and in turn I hired a babysitter when we got back. So far, its been so great and something I probably should have done a while ago. After the first few days in Big Bear, I wrote this post about remembering to take me time which will explain a little more on that but today I want to talk more about our adventures in Big Bear.


Ellie girl and I had some really great walks in the evening. A couple nights we just walked around the neighborhood and looked at the houses and landscape views. One night we walked to the lake and enjoyed the scenery of the mountains and the lake. It was a great time of day for a walk since the sun was setting and the air was cool.


We went to Gold Rush Mining Adventures and the little missy got to pan for gold, rocks and minerals. They have a ton of options and prices range greatly. We chose the $10 red bag and it was just what she wanted. She got to sift the bag of sand and find all the treasures. It was a really fun afternoon activity for a 4 year old. I think this would also be fun for older kids.



We went to the Big Bear Discovery Center which has a bunch of stuffed “real” animals and informational assistance on the inside but the outdoor Nature Discovery Zone was great for the kiddos! We grabbed an adventure guide and followed along the little trails to each zone. They loved the giant spider web for climbing and stacking wood pieces.

IMG_2894   IMG_2880


My favorite adventure of the week was when we took a hike at lodgepole pine. I knew I had to carry the baby on my back and I wasn’t sure it would be comfortable. I ended up loving it. He rode along in my Ergobaby carrier and it was very comfortable for both of us. We hiked along the trail, made it to the hidden lake and walked all around it as well. I am not typically a hiker as you can probably tell by my shoes but it was super enjoyable and I see more hiking in my future now.


We also enjoyed a few meals out, bowling, the parks and a lot of ice cream from the North Pole Fudge & Ice Cream Co. A few of our afternoons were spent on the boat at Big Bear Lake. It is always so nice to soak up the sun on a boat.

Have you been to Big Bear lately? What’s your favorite adventure?


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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