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orange chicken and cilantro lime rice

Easy Lunch & Dinner Ideas

With back to school and sports starting soon, I’m bringing you easy lunch and dinner ideas! Most of our recipes are created as easy recipes but these are especially great for busy days. I am always looking to make nutritious but delicious meals which can be harder to create when …

chicken salad sandwiches

7 Recipes Made With Chicken

Our schedule for the next couple months just filled up real quick with softball and spring activities. I am very excited for this but also realized real quick that I need to do a little meal prep to keep dinner on the table. In an effort to make dinners easier …

Grocery List and Meal Plan Printable

A few months ago I decided it was time to organize¬†my grocery shopping habits. I felt like there were always the staple items I would buy most weeks and I would end up forgetting what they were by the time I got to the store. I used to just go …

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