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30 Day Ab Challenge #30DayFitness

30 Day Ab Challenge

If you’ve seen my ramblings on social media, you probably have noticed my healthier eating habits. Well, with that comes exercise. This 30 Day Abs Challenge popped up in my Facebook news feed and I thought hey, why not? Over the last two weeks I have limited my dairy, sugar …

Quarterly Assessment

1st Quarterly Dream Board Assessment 2014

As March is coming to a close, I wanted to re-evaluate my dream board for the year. I think it is really helpful to stay on track by evaluating my progress. My original post at the end of 2013 gives a brief explanation of my dreams and goals for the …

Work Hard, Play Hard { Printable }

I have been thinking about this quote a lot lately “Work Hard, Play Hard” and it rings true for me everyday. Ever since I had my kiddo I have been striving to follow my dreams and do things I love. I was doing this before too but it became more intense. …

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