Relaxation in Ojai

My mom and I spent a whole weekend in Ojai. We relaxed, we did yoga, we fed our bodies good food, and we had a great time. A girls weekend away for relaxation is something all ladies should do as much as needed for wellbeing. It was nice to spend a weekend just with my mom. It has been a while since we had time to talk and just be. The Oaks at Ojai offered us a weekend to stay and check out their offerings and I’m so glad we did. We really enjoyed our stay and learned a lot about their wellness resort. The Oaks at Ojai is not just a day spa. They also include food and a workout program to try different activities of your choice. I’ve never been to a place like this and I thought it was wonderful.


The Beauty of the Outdoors
We arrived in Ojai on a Friday afternoon after a bit of LA traffic. We were planning on getting there a bit early but at least we made it in time for lunch. We checked in to the Oaks at Ojai, unpacked our bags and headed to lunch on the patio. The Oaks at Ojai offers a program designed to help nurture the body. It is a place to restore and refocus your health and wellness. They offer enrichment programs, fitness classes, healthy meals throughout the day and a day spa for relaxation. The resort is located in beautiful Ojai in California. It is about 15 miles east of Ventura and surrounded by nature.



Poolside Lounging
The Oaks at Ojai has a heated pool and spa outdoors as well as a spa inside. The pool is surrounded by trees and flowers. There is an inspiration rock garden with messages on the rocks that can be used for setting intentions. It is very calm, mellow and quiet. It takes a bit of getting used to when you first arrive but then it becomes peaceful.


pool flowers

Food & Wellness
The Oaks at Ojai offers a 1000-1200 calorie menu per day. All items are low in fat, salt and sugar. They use fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, seafood and white meat. They believe salt and sugar can be found natural in many foods and that over use of added salt and sugar causes many health concerns. It was very interesting to try this way of eating. I have been eating much healthier at home lately so I liked trying their method. They offer 3 meals per day with healthy snacks in between. The snacks were always really good. They had veggie trays with hummus and other dips as well as fruit or smoothies. I loved the green smoothie. It is a great way to get a jump start into a healthier way of eating if you don’t eat healthy already. Some of the meals were a bit different. The barley mushroom burger is below. It was pretty tasty but It would have been better with just a little salt. We had chicken with peanut sauce and forbidden rice one night which was really good. It gave me some new ideas on different food items to try cooking with. They also offer fitness classes including hikes, aqua, aerobics and more. We did zumba and yoga and loved both classes. The evening yoga is super mellow and almost like a guided meditation. It was amazing. We attended a seminar about wellness and believing in what is good for you.




The Oaks at Ojai Rooms
The rooms are beautiful. The buildings are an adobe style with lush greenery everywhere. The wooden doors and accents all brought a sense of calmness to the environment. We stayed in a very nice room that had a patio with two lounge chairs, two queen size beds and a very nice bathtub spa. I love the vibe of the rooms and the grounds.

relax   room


Spa & Relaxation
Friday was more of our exercise day where we did zumba and yoga and Saturday was our complete relaxation day. We started the day with facials, then shopping and massages and finished it up with hot tub time. I received the Vita D facial and it was amazing! They do a complete facial with a hand, head and foot massage.




Shopping in Ojai
We did a bit of shopping in Ojai while we were there as well. There are a lot of cute little shops right by the hotel. We didn’t drive anywhere once we arrived. There are very cute and quirky shops filled with souvenirs and treasures. I got a moon tank top and my mom got a shirt that says “Oh Hi”.

ojai  windowshopping

The Oaks at Ojai is a beautiful place to relax, recharge and enjoy. I had a wonderful time with my mom and I am so glad we got to experience it together. If you are looking for a wellness resort that can help jump start a healthy lifestyle this is the place to go. It is very mellow and you can pick what you want to do or what you don’t. There is only room for about 40 people to stay at one time so you really get to know some of the people if you go to the classes and eat together. We ate dinner both nights with sisters who happen to be from San Diego also. They were really fun and we enjoyed getting to know them. The whole place is at your own speed. You can do 7 classes per day, like the sisters who came here to get a jump start on their fitness routine, or you can take a class at your leisure. It felt sort of like a healthy style cruise and I really enjoyed it!


If you’re looking to check out The Oaks at Ojai soon, they are having a mother daughter special in January. Check out their special offers. I would totally go again with my mom or some girlfriends. Have you been? What do you enjoy most?

The Oaks at Ojai covered our stay for media consideration. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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