Mom & Daughter Trip to San Francisco

I’ve always loved to travel. Since having kids my idea of vacations has shifted a bit. There are trips that sound amazing with the kiddos and there are trips that just don’t work as well with young kids. Now that I’m an adult I love that I can take a trip with my mom and enjoy it from a different perspective. My mom and I went to San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food show in January and had a blast! We attended the show and got it as much sight seeing as we could. We took the bart, the bus, the trolley, an uber and we walked quite a bit. That would have been a bit more tough with the kiddos. Plus having a mom and daughter trip as adults is awesome, especially in San Francisco.

The Winter Fancy Food Show is a great place to meet new food brands as a blogger. It’s also just a super fun expo hall with tons of food samples. I love to see what new products are coming to the market and where the food trends are going. There were new nut butters with different flavors, awesome new chocolates, yogurt made with Aloe, on-the-go fresh crepes, delicious cheese and so much more! We had quite a few bites along the way.

We went to a really fun after party hosted by 4505 Meats. I loved their graphics and fun sparkly tattoos to go along with their flavor packed chicharrones. Next time we will have to visit their restaurant. The party included some delicious bites from their regular menu that we really enjoyed and the drinks were on point!

We did quite a bit of eating while we were in San Fran, as I often do on any trip. The millionaires bacon from Taylor Street Coffee Shop was awesome especially on top of a benedict!

We ran into Jackie from The Seaside Baker at the show then headed over to Beard Papa’s to try their cream puffs. Loved the dulce de leche with vanilla cream.

We did our sight seeing at Haight & Ashbury, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building. Some of my favorite spots. I loved some of the graphics spotted at a few restaurants along the way.

The Ferry Building has been one of my favorite marketplaces to try local purveyors. I may have told my mom that I should open something like this in my neighborhood of Mira Mesa. We have a few great marketplaces and farmers markets in San Diego but nothing like it in the suburbs. A new business idea maybe?!

I love to take these types of trips because it gives me so much appreciation for everything I have going at home. It gives me quality time to spend with my mom. It gives me a break from the everyday and it enriches me in so many ways.

I love the buildings, sculptures, sights, food and experiences every trip brings. Our next trip is a family one and we are headed back to Catalina! Can’t wait for another adventure with Mark and the kiddos. Where’s your next adventure taking you?




I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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