Mitsubishi Outlander in La Quinta

We headed to La Quinta Resort in the Mitsubishi Outlander for the FCG Cobra Puma World Championship and really enjoyed the ride. My grandma and mother-in-law stayed and watched my kiddo while I worked at the golf tournament. It was so nice to ride in style out to La Quinta. The Outlander has all the essentials for a weekend road trip.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT @ La Quinta & PGA West

I plugged in the address into the navigation system and set our personalized air controls before leaving. I love that the SUV has these features. It makes it so much nicer to be in a vehicle for longer periods of time.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT Navigation and Radio

The Outlander drove really smooth. We passed by the windmills along the way.

wind mills heading to La Quinta

Then we made it to our destination, the beautiful La Quinta Resort. Have you been here before? It’s pretty great.

La Quinta Resort

There are over 40 pools which is fantabulous. The pools are situated within every 10 (or so) rooms so it feels like private pools.

La Quinta, CA

The first evening we stayed at the resort, Future Champions Golf hosted the welcome party for the tournament. We had a great time. View more about the tournament >

Mitsubishi Outlander / early morning

Each morning I got up early and headed to the golf course in the Outlander to help with questions and check-ins. Throughout the day I worked on the website and promotional materials for FCG. Once the golfers came in for the day we entered their scores.

FCG Cobra Puma World Championship Website

FCG Cobra Puma World Championship

The sweet thing about the Outlander is that the air conditioning works pretty fast. This is something that was much needed in 110° weather! Each day after the tournament ended we headed back to the hotel to eat lunch and get ready for the evening festivities.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT in La Quinta

My kiddo, her grandma and my grandma had a great time with each other. Each afternoon I spent a little time with them and took my kiddo to the pool. I really enjoyed working at the tournament and hope to do it again next year! We headed home to drop off grandma and didn’t even need to fill up till we got back.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT dash

I love that new cars have a key fob. It makes it so much easier to jump in the car and go but I would have to get one of those apps that helps you find it if it gets lost. I got to the golf course one day and almost freaked out because I thought I lost it!! I knew it had to be close otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to drive without it but the fear of losing it in the middle of the desert was sure scary. Good thing it was just between the seats.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT

My kiddo loved the ride too. Every time we get to test drive a new car she says “look mommy we have a new car! let’s take that one!” Too cute!

kiddo in the Outlander

Another favorite feature is the trunk. I love that it pops open and closes with just a touch of the button.

Have you checked out the Mitsubishi Outlander? What did you think? 


I received the Mitsubishi Outlander as a press loan for one week as editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 


I love sharing about family, food and fun in and around San Diego! Enjoy, Bri

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