Whole Foods Body Care Products

Awesome Bodycare Products from Whole Foods

Whole Foods has become one of my absolute favorite stores. Not just for grocery shopping but for all things needed in the house. I don’t always get the chance to shop there but when I do I feel like I am walking into a museum. Their produce section is amazing. It is filled with rows upon rows of fresh ingredients. When I went there this last time I was invited to attend a body care event to learn more about their products. The #WFMSummerFun event pretty much blew my mind.

Awesome Bodycare Products from Whole Foods

I learned so much about Whole Foods and really fell in love with a few of their products. Did you know that Whole Foods evaluates every single product that they offer? They have a full system of standards and expectations for everything they sell. They encourage their vendors to provide plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients. They are committed to offering high-quality body care products with a proven track record. They have a giant list of ingredients that they do NOT allow in the products offered.

Awesome Bodycare Products from Whole Foods

A few local bloggers and I had the chance to talk to a few of the vendors at Whole Foods. I was really impressed with Mineral Fusion, a make up line that improves complexion and nourishes the skin with minerals. Their nail polish is even gluten free. I have used it several times and it works really well. Their price points are also very affordable.

Awesome Bodycare Products from Whole Foods

I also absolutely loved the Aura Cacia pure essential oils. I have always loved the smell of lavender but I don’t think I have ever smelled the pure oil. It is so refreshing and gives an immediate sense of relaxation. These roll-on chakra balancing tubes are perfect for people on the go. I need to go back and get a few. I am always on the go and often feel rushed. The smell of lavender really helps calm my nerves and keeps me on my feet.

Awesome Bodycare Products from Whole Foods

I was also introduced to Dr. Bronner’s. This company is super cool and based out of Escondido. They have a lot of history and you should totally check it out. I love the packaging on the bottles and products. The smells and quality ingredients completely won me over. The peppermint actually stings a bit when you use it (it is supposed to). The lavender has to be my favorite with the peppermint at a close second.

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What is your favorite body care product from Whole Foods?

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